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Peer assesments

Group 1 - Cerebral Cortex

The introduction of this page gives a good general background but could benefit from adding bullet points to describe the six horizontal layers of the cortex and maybe a short summary of its clinical significance. 'Early Development' was well written, easy to follow and well referenced. 'Development of Cerebral Cortex' would benefit from a short introductory statement instead of going straight into the 'Main classes of neurons'. Pictures and tables in this section were informative and engaging to the reader. Hand-drawn picture was well done, colourful and easy to interpret. 'Anatomy of the Cerebral Cortex' looks unfinished and isn't easy to read as it doesn't flow or show a clear structure. No references can be seen and no pictures or tables to make for easier reading or understanding. The different layers of the cortex would greatly benefit from a table with structure/function format or a clear diagram. The same is true for 'Functions of the Cerebral Cortex'. 'Abnormalities associated with Cerebral Cortex Development' I liked the setup of this section because of its clear headings and subheadings as well as its informative pictures. The captions on some of these pictures need to be elaborated on. Also couldn't see any in text referencing which really needs to be present. Content is clear and concise and easy to follow. This section was engaging and well done. 'INFO/Research Links' was not finished yet but shows lots of research articles that could be promising.

Group 2 - Kidney

This page had a good general introduction to the kidneys and their function; the referencing needs to be fixed though. The pictures are helpful but do not have any copyright information or journal referencing which needs to be fixed ASAP. 'Timeline of Kidney Embryology' was very brief. 'Kidney Development' covered it in much more detail. Pictures used were well captioned and useful. Figure 4 in this section needs copyright information and proper citation. Figure 5 needs copyright information. 'Blood Supply' subheading has a 'THIS IS COPY AND PASTE' statement as the paragraph has been copied from a journal article but no reference has been made to said journal article.. I think this needs to be removed ASAP. 'Developmental abnormalities' is well written, referenced and has some bolded words which make it easier to interpret. Subheadings are clear and the pictures are informative. 'Current Research' has not yet been completed but several research articles are shown which is promising. 'Questions for the future' and 'General info on renal system' subheadings also need to be added to. Overall, good start but would benefit from more content. Also each group page needs to have at least one hand-drawn diagram so this should be added.

Group 3 - Heart

'Introduction' is clear and informative, well referenced and gives a good outline for the rest of the page. 'Developmental Origin' has a bit of a confusing set up.. pictures are seemingly scattered and need captions. The 'Morphology of the Heart tube formation' hand-drawn figure is almost an exact replica of the original.. not sure if this is allowed because they are so similar. 'Developmental Timeline' has a very brief table.. would benefit from a better description of each week of development. This section has a couple of random references that should be at the bottom. 'Developmental Signalling Processes' diagrams need captions. There is a lot of information here which is very detailed. 'Current Research and Findings' has good subheadings and picture use; pictures need to have copyright information and citations added. Very detailed with good references throughought. 'Future Questions' needs to be added to but has shown evidence of initial research into this area. 'Glossary of terms' is a very good idea that has not yet been shown in other group topics. Maybe look into researching how to link certain words in the article to redirect to the bottom of the page to the Glossary of terms for quick definitions? Some references also need to be properly cited in the 'References' section. Over all, really well researched with some sections needing a bit more work.

Group 4 - Eye Development

This page could benefit from an introduction explaining the page and the overall importance of the eye and its development. 'Anatomy of the Adult Eye' has drawn pictures; whilst hand drawing is a great idea I believe these diagrams are a bit hard to understand as the eye is most easily displayed as a 3D model and these diagrams are all 2D. Otherwise, good content. Maybe a structure/function/location/diagram table would be good for this section? 'Overview of eye development' has a couple of sections that still need to be completed; also maybe a bit more detail to the events taking place at each stage would be beneficial. 'Development of the eye components' has good information but I feel that with all the separate parts to be completed there is going to be a lot of text here; again a table may be more useful or the use of pictures as it is getting a bit monotonous to read. 'Congenital Anomalies' this table is very brief and doesn't do each abnormality justice. Figures are useful. This page has a fair bit of work to do; future research questions would be a good subtitle to have and glossary needs to be added to. Overall there is not much to read.

Group 6 - Cerebellum

'Basic Anatomy of the Cerebellum' has really useful and clear diagrams that support the content. However, the content was a bit brief in this section. All easy to read and follow. 'Early Brain Vesicles' has useful diagrams but needs more text to back them up. 'Cerebellum Development' is well written and referenced with appropriate diagrams and captions. 'Cerebellum Developmental Weeks' has very brief descriptions; needs to be more detailed and the pictures better explained or better captioned. 'Key Historical Discoveries' are interesting and well referenced. 'Ramon y Cajal' might need to be corrected to 'Ramon and Cajal' if reference is in Spanish.. Maybe add some pictures to this section too. 'Animal models' could use more subheadings and more examples of animals models as there is only currently one described. 'Abnormalities' has interesting pictures and examples but is a bit brief in its descriptions. Overall, interesting topic and well used pictures. Some sections still need work; Glossary and maybe add a 'Future Research' topic to the page. Also a requirement of the project is to include one hand-drawn diagram which has not yet been added.

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