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Part of the Medicine undergraduate program allows for individual students to work on research or educational projects related to medicine. The projects are academically supervised and are described as an "Independent Learning Project" (ILP). The final project is also written up and submitted for assessment. Listed below are two separate embryology education projects that have been carried out by previous students. The online projects also include information describing the project process.

If you are a current medical student interested in carrying out an Embryology ILP, including a negotiated project, please contact Dr Mark Hill.

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ILP Project 2009

Cardiac Embryology Tutorial

There was a lack of cardiac embryology in the Undergraduate Medicine Programme. This reflects a similar paucity in both textbook and online cardiac embryology resources directed at medical students. In order to understand the common clinical presentations of patients with congenital heart defects it is necessary to understand basic cardiac development. The Cardiac Embryology wiki resource aims to make information on cardiac embryology available to medical students.

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ILP Project 2006

Carnegie Stage Embryo 3D Animations

The project contain 3D reconstructions of embryos, constructed from the histological serial slices. Two embryos have been imaged: a Carnegie stage 13/14 pig embryo, and a Carnegie stage 22 human embryo. The surface of the embryos has been rendered transparent, allowing the internal structures to be clearly visualized. The colour-scheme of the structures corresponds to the various systems in the embryo. Subsequent pages show the embryos with these systems isolated and differentiated into separate components.

The project introduction page includes description of the imaging and animation process.

ILP2006 Generating the surface .gif
Generating the surface

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