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Organogenesis Lab

Please note the different location for this week’s practical class: Wallace Wurth Teaching Lab 116.


  • Weekly Quiz + revision (15 minutes)
  • Practical class activities (90 minutes)
  • Practical Class Revision (15 minutes)


  • Fertile egg dissections, stage definition, and annotations of structures (first 60 minutes)
  • Observation of skeletal preparations of chicken and mouse foetuses (first 60 minutes)
  • Group presentation of annotated embryo images (final 30 minutes)


  • Understanding early neurulation, mesoderm and heart development, and being able to identify the defining structures in the chicken embryo.
  • Understanding craniofacial and limb development and being able to identify the defining structures in chicken embryos.
  • Understanding the development of the musculoskeletal system and being able to identify the defining structures in chicken embryos.
  • Be able to apply basic practical laboratory skills and work with embryo and regeneration models.
  • Be able to work effectively within a small team to complete academic tasks.
  • Be able to present embryonic observations effectively and appropriately to an audience
  • Be able to self-manage and work independently with an ability to take responsibility for their own learning, and an appreciation of the value of learning.

Chicken Embryo Hamburger stages.jpg

These are the Hamburger stages of chicken development

See also the JoVE article on chicken egg preparation: <pubmed>18989413</pubmed>

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Viktor Hamburger
Viktor Hamburger (1900 – 2001)

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Mouse vs Human embryogenesis.jpg

This figure compares the human and mouse developmental stages

More about Mouse embryogenesis: Mouse Timeline Detailed


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