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Peer Assessment

Group 1 - Cortex

Developmental Origin

Correctly outlined the developmental origin of the cortex and provided a thorough explanation of different cell types and their role in development. However, the 3 stages of cerebral cortex development mentioned in introduction could have been explained in more thorough detail.

Developmental Timeline

Very thorough and accurate depiction of the developmental timeline with reference to the molecular processes occurring during development . I liked the use of the image which provided a more complete picture of development. Good job.

Developmental Signalling Process

There was no explanation of the signalling process occurring during cortical development. I would recommend including this as a separate heading under developmental timeline and mentioning the genes expressed, transcription and growth factors etc.

Current Research & Future Questions

I didn't notice any mention of future implications in the area that is being studied. You can either incorporate this into the abnormal development section by talking about future research areas for different conditions, or have it as its own heading.

Animal Models

Animal models were not discussed in the wiki

Abnormal Development

Very good discussion of the different conditions associated with abnormal development of the cortex. Use of MRI images made the abnormalities more clear and easier to understand.

Other notes

Listing the anatomy and functions of the cerebral cortex felt unnecessary. Could have made it more concise and added it in as a separate paragraph to the introduction.

Group 3- Heart

Developmental Origin

Very thorough explanation of the development with good reference to embryonic cell layers from which certain areas of the heart originate. Not only were images used, they were explained and referenced in the body of text, which further clarified development.

Developmental Timeline

Very detailed explanation of the timeline of development. However, some images were not explained in great detail which made it difficult to comprehend exactly what was occurring during certain stages of development. Other than that, very well done.

Developmental Signalling Processes

Started off really well with thorough explanation of several signalling pathways which included images to further clarify the information. However, towards the end there were several pathways which were mentioned but not explored further. If these pathways were expanded on, it would be a perfect overview of the signalling processes for heart development.

Animal Models & Current Research

Although this part of the criteria were discussed, I felt like you could have used more research findings and models to provide a more detailed analysis of your research area.

Abnormal Development

Good explanation of the different conditions associated with abnormal development of the heart. Could have added in a few MRI scan images of the heart to further enhance your discussion.

Group 4 - Eye

Developmental Origin

A lot of the information was focussed on the anatomy of the eye instead of the embryonic development. You could have made this more concise and included it in an introduction paragraph.

Developmental Timeline

Timeline could have been more detailed with reference to germinal cell layers. Some areas of the timeline were missing information.

Developmental Signalling Processes

There was some mention of genes expressed during development of the eye, however it was not enough to obtain a full understanding of the signalling mechanism. I would recommend including a separate heading for signalling processes and exploring this area in more detail.

Current Research,Animal Models & Future Research

There was no explicit mention of these research areas

Abnormal Development

Good use of the table to summarise the developmental anomalies whilst providing some epidemiology. However, it would be good to expand on some of the conditions and discuss how things go wrong in the developmental pathway.

Group 5 - Lungs

Developmental Origin

Very good explanation of the developmental origin throughout the wiki. Provided a clear understanding of the development of anatomical structures and their origin.

Developmental Timeline

Outstanding developmental timeline which combined both developmental origin and key discoveries in the area of study. The use of images also made it easier to understand the processes being described. Well done.

Developmental Signalling Processes

Good overview of the signalling processes. However, they could have been explained in further detail as the images were difficult to understand without the sufficient information to back them up.

Current Areas of Research and Future Research

There was no explicit mention of current hot topics in the research area.

Animal Models

Animal models were well described. Could include a few images to enhance your discussion.

Abnormal Development

A wide range of anomalies were explored in a good amount of detail. You could try and mention the figures you included in your body of text and explain what physical abnormalities are visible in the images.

Group 6 - Cerebellum

Developmental Origin

Very detailed explanation of the developmental origin with reference to the different cell types found in the cerebellum with their point of origin. Very good use of images to enhance your explanation. Well done.

Developmental Timeline & Key Discoveries

Timeline was concise but sufficient due to developmental origin being described in great detail. The use of images for separate stages in the timeline was very useful in understanding the development.

Developmental Signalling Processes

Could add in a flow chart to complement the body of info

Animal Models

Provided a good overview with a specific case study of an animal model. It would be a good idea to include a few more studies.

Developmental Abnormalities

Good overview of a wide range of abnormalities. Could have referred to the images in your discussion and described the physical abnormalities visible in each case.

Z5076039 (talk) 18:19, 23 September 2017 (AEST)

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