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Mark Hill - Lab 1 page

Here is the Student Page demonstration page I showed in the Practical class.

Use this page to practice editing and don't forget to add a topic to the 2017 Group Project 5 page.

Student Page Chicken embryo E-cad and P-cad gastrulation.png

Chicken embryo E-cadherin and P-cadherin in gastrulation[1]

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Cerebral cortex GROUP Project 1 - Covers only development, anatomy, functions and abnormalities, more subheadings could be better and exploring other areas of the embryology of the cerebral cortex

- Nice introduction that summarises what the cerebral cortex does and some of its structural layers. Would be nice to see a diagram with the layers of the cerebral cortex or a diagram of the cerebral cortex in the introduction.

- Development of the brain was covered really well and was detailed and also proper and good amount of referencing in this section. Good use of lot of pictures in this section, which made it much easier to understand.

- Timeline of corticogenesis was explained very well in a straightforward manner and use of the table helped.

- Anatomy of cerebral cortex as well as functions of the cerebral cortex is still incomplete and is mainly in dot points and no referencing

- Abnormalities was done well and very detailed and covered many types of abnormalities. Disorders were also divided into categories which is good.

- Good use of pictures in the abnormalities of the section for each abnormalities but use of videos were probably not necessary in this section

- Overall, introduction, development and abnormalities were all done well and good grammar and spelling. Other main headings definitely needed more work and referencing was done incorrectly or absent in some parts. There could be more subheadings and there is no glossary.

- References are from proper journal articles/peer reviewed journals which is good. -

Kidney GROUP Project 2 - Introduction covered anatomical position and structure which was done well and good use of pictures for kidney structure especially. Incorrect use of referencing in this section (don’t copy and paste the URL in the text and place it in the references)

- Short brief timeline that helped gave quick summary of the development of kidney was done well. Putting pictures or videos of this process would help a lot

- Out of all subheadings, development was done the best and had a lot of info and some limited proper use of referencing

- Including ascensions and genes expressed was good in development and I thought they covered development in a lot of detail. However, one of the subheadings on blood supply was incomplete and was taken straight off from an article. It did mention that this was copied and pasted, but some effort to reword it would be nice to see

- A very detailed explanation of the overview of developmental abnormalities but not many examples of the abnormalities were explained. Including at least 5 more abnormalities would be good to see

- Overall, what was written was good information but more work and detail is needed and probably more subheadings as well. Referencing was poor throughout the page and should be updated as soon as possible

- The references used were from big and trustworthy journals which is good.

- Glossary included would have been useful

Heart GROUP Project 3 - Introduction was very well written and great spelling and grammar. Good referencing, simple way to start a page

- Developmental origin of the heart was explained well and I liked how they referenced to the figure in the text as well, showing that the picture is actually important in this section. Correct referencing was used in this section which is good. A moving video of developmental origin of the heart would have been really useful here

- Developmental timeline was a bit too brief, and would help to put some pictures to explain how some of the main steps looked like

- Further explanation of the development was separated and structured well and had good amount of information for each main step. Citation of the reference shouldn’t be here but in the references

- A nice picture was used to explain the difference between straight, looped and converged which I personally found very interesting and informative

- The drawings included were very well drawn, precise and different colours helped differentiate each part of the heart and also referenced.

- I really liked the developmental signalling processes and they had explained each important factor of the process in a lot of detail. Would have been good if they had finished this section. A good use of table to differentiate different FGF and their functions

- Current research and findings selected were definitely very new and also explained in a lot of depth

- Abnormalities section was slightly lacking, although there is good information, adding 3 or 4 more abnormalities would be even better. Some pictures in this section would have made it more interesting and explain the content better.

- Overall, a very nicely set out page with good information in each section and appropriate referencing in most parts. Inclusion of glossary and a large variety of subheadings made this page great. Some further work in some subheadings would make this page perfect.

Eye Group Project 4 - An introduction to the page was absent and preferably would’ve been a good start

- Anatomy of the eye was very well structured and was elaborated under smaller separate subheadings. Drawings of the eye helped along with the content in this part and different colours also helped decipher the image. It was nice that you included what view of the eye the image was showing.

- Timeline of embryonic development is a bit brief and possibly elaborating further would have been better. Including a picture here, showing which part of the eye develops in which a progressive timeline would be good.

- Carnegie stages was incomplete, which would have been good if it was done with some pictures on the side as well.

- I liked the table of embryonic contributions as it really helps to simplify things

- No presence of referencing in Embryonic Contribution or Carnegie Table.

- A short overview description of the development was nice prior to elaboration of this in the next part “Development of the eye components”

- The development of eye components was not completed, but information present was good, but could use with some diagrams here to help people picture which part of eye is being explained

- Some spelling errors were seen, especially for “Congenital Anomalies”… seen throughout the page

- Nice table for congenital abnormalities, which was nicely summarised and included epidemiology. Would need to elaborate more on each congenital abnormality instead of just a table.

- Personally, think there should be more references considering the amount of information included on the page. Inclusion of glossary and more pictures/videos would have made this page better. Overall, I think this page is well structured and has made a great use of tabling.

Cerebellum GROUP Project 6 - I like how it first introduces cerebellum as an organ and progresses to describing what will be discussed in the page in a nice summary for the introduction. It also described what type of things to expect on this page which is a nice way to introduce the project

- I like how the pictures have a small description underneath to describe what the picture is talking about and it was also referred to in the text

- Anatomy was very detailed and also included small details such as vasculature which I liked

- Microanatomy was divided into clear subheadings to describe different type of cells in cerebellum, but possibly lacking some references in a few places for this section.

- Table of the type of cerebellar nuclei was useful and a picture of the location of nuclei would’ve made it even better

- Nice division of early brain vesicles into primary and secondary and also describing metencephalon. Including description about the other brain vesicles is needed as well

- Cerebellum development paragraphs could be divided more so that it easier to read instead having it as a large chunk of text. Other than that great explanation of the development and very detailed.

- Cellular migration picture was very nicely used in this section and helped explain granule and purkinje cell migration

- Cell signalling was covered well but maybe dividing up the text and adding some photos will help distribute text in a way so that its easier to read

- Cerebellum developmental week table was nicely done with images for each stage of neurulation which correlated well with the description of the weekly development. Maybe could’ve rearranged the images and text so that it isn’t too spaced out. I liked how you have also included key historical discoveries which was rarely seen in most of projects.

- Abnormalities was well done but could do with some more detail into each abnormality and possibly include symptoms as well for some of the abnormalities

- Including the glossary would’ve made it better, referencing was well done and detailed and good use of reliable source

- Overall, a solid page with a detailed amount of information for each subheadings that is well written. Fixing up the details I have pointed out will make it a great project.

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