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Mark Hill - Lab 1 page

Chicken embryo E-cad and P-cad gastrulation.png

Chicken embryo E-cadherin and P-cadherin in gastrulation[1]

Here is the Student Page demonstration page I showed in the Practical class.

Use this page to practice editing and don't forget to add a topic to the 2017 Group Project 4 page.

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Student Page




Early Development of the Brain: Well written, maybe a little concise, there are some great images which could be useful for this section also Development of Cerebral Cortex: Lots of good information, maybe try to make this section a bit more fluid - comes of a little disjointed Anatomy of the Cerebral Cortex/Functions of the Cerebral Cortex: This section does not read well to the eye - that's not to say it is incorrect - I would try putting this into a friendly format Abnormalities associated with Cerebral Cortex Development: This section is huge, but each condition has a fairly concise explanation so well done

Overall: There is lots of sound information on the page - main emphasis would be giving the page a clean up of the format and trying to make the sections flow together a little nicer


Kidney: I would restructure this section to give a clearer introduction and description of the anatomy (and clearer heading) - this could occur just by switching around the order of some of the content. Images are well captioned. Timeline of Kidney Embryology/Kidney development: This section is great. I like the very concise timeline as an introduction to this section. The stages are well written and contain good detail (just watch out with that last section of blood supply which I am sure you will fix) Developmental abnormalities: I would give the first few paragraphs a bit more context through a heading - or going into greater detail with an example. Lots of good detail and good visual examples Current Research/Questions for the future/General info on the renal system: obviously this section will be completed more over the coming weeks

Overall: I would try and style the other sections of the page in a similar light to Kidney Development section which has a great format. I like the use of imaged throughout which add good value to the text. A bit more detail to be added to some sections but definitely on the right track


Introduction: Well written and concise - sets up a good expectation of whats to come Developmental Origin: I like how you have referenced the images in the text - though I would try to fix the image placement (it's hard - I am struggling also!) Developmental Timeline: This section is excellent - great amount of detail, well written, and great supporting images Developmental Signalling Processes: Also a very good section (just keep writing how you have for the rest of the subheadings!) - also need to fix up the referencing of that 2nd image Current Research And Findings: There is a commendable effort here to summarize current research. I might be nitpicking here but maybe try to make this section a little more concise as it is large blocks of text Glossary of Terms: Useful section to include

Overall: The level of research and depth of writing of this page is excellent. There isn't too much to change - and if the rest of the subheadings left to complete are in the same style as the rest of the page I think you guys should be pretty happy!


Lung Anatomy/Histology/Cardiovasculature: I think this section is an excellent start to your groups page - the histology section especially adds some depth. The drawings are really nice to view too! Developmental Origins/Timeline: the table is really well structured and there is a nice amount of depth in the description. I like the inclusion of historical developments also Structure/Developmental Signalling: This section flows nicely on from the previous subheadings and is also well written. However there is a lack of referencing in both of these sections Abnormal development: again a good amount of depth and well written.

Overall: not much to fault with this project it looks like you guys are on the right track!

Group 6

Introduction: I think this is a good idea but I would try and make it a bit more concise/general Basic Anatomy/Microanatomy: I like the way you have described the anatomy through description of pictures - it is very clear to understand and i think it is well categorised with an apt amount of information on each section Vesicles/Cerebellum Development: there is a great amount of detail in this section but I would work to make it more readable especially with the large chunks of text in the cerebellum section Cell Signaling: this section is well categorised and well referenced Timeline: good use of images here

Overall: a well researched a referenced page. Only comments would to try to make some sections concise and consider how each section flow into each other

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