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Mark Hill.jpg Use this page to access brief definitions of specific embryology terms.
  • Within the description, words and terms with links go to other glossary definitions.
  • "More?" link at the end of each definition accesses a number of different resources: associated content pages, detailed descriptions and related PubMed references.
  • To find additional information and resources, use the search window available at the top of every page on this site.

Embryology Terms

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  • "More?" lists links site pages, original web page notes, and Pubmed references. Links to "lectures" are the most current undergraduate Science materials (lectures and laboratories).
  • UK/USA spelling differences for example: "s" for "z", double "ll" or single "l", "our" or "or", "re" or "er".
  • See also Historic Terminology - Historically many names and terminology in medicine and biology were given names based upon Latin or Greek roots. In addition, many discoveries were given names (eponyms) based upon the original discoverer or by the discoverer referring to other key researchers.

Specialised Glossaries

In addition to the embryology glossary, available on most site pages, there are a number of specialised glossaries that cover only a specific topic area. These additional specialised glossaries are listed below.

Term Links

Term Link alphabetically lists linked terms without descriptions. Associated terms are also shown listed beneath some terms.


  • Undergraduate course pages for Medicine and Science lectures and practicals may include, at the bottom of each page, a sub-heading "Terms". This list of terms related to the teaching materials on that specific page.
  • Notes pages may also have a similar section included as a collapsible list.

Other Terms Lists  
Terms Lists: ART | Birth | Bone | Cardiovascular | Cell Division | Endocrine | Gastrointestinal | Genital | Genetic | Head | Hearing | Heart | Immune | Integumentary | Neonatal | Neural | Oocyte | Palate | Placenta | Radiation | Renal | Respiratory | Spermatozoa | Statistics | Tooth | Ultrasound | Vision | Historic | Drugs | Glossary

Glossary Comments

Use this page to access brief definitions of specific embryology terms. Additional information can be accessed from links listed at the end of each definition. Glossary from the UNSW Embryology program compiled and written by Dr Mark Hill. Reference material used in preparing this glossary list includes: texts listed on page 1 "Reading" of each notes section, Department of Anatomy Publications, WWW resources from NCBI, NIH, OMIM, NHMRC (Australia), AMA (USA), Office of Rare Diseases (USA), PubMed Medline Dictionaries, MSDS, Merck Manual home edn. and WHO ART terminology (2009).

These notes are for Educational Purposes Only Please email Dr Mark Hill if you wish to make a comment about this current project.

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