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Relative fetal sizes

While this site focusses on human prenatal development, one major impact on this process are those associated with maternal changes during pregnancy.

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Some Recent Findings

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Placenta-Maternal Neuroendocrine

Placenta-maternal neuroendocrine links.jpg

Placental regulation of maternal neuroendocrine and neural function.[2]

Placentally produced steroid hormones determine forward maternal planning by directing/orchestrating maternal physiology and postnatal maternalism to synchronize with the development of the fetus.

Maternal Anatomy

There are many maternal physiological changes during and after pregnancy. This section introduces just the anatomical changes that must occur to simply accomodate the growing fetus.

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Make Room for Baby! (2017)


The Position of the Uterus and Fetus at Term (1872).[3]

Links: MP4 | Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago - Make Room for Baby! | YouTube


By end of embryonic period maternal cardiac output has increased by 20% and will eventually increase by about 40% during the entire pregnancy. The cardiac output is increased by both stroke volume and an increase in the maternal heart rate.

Along with these cardiac changes there is also a 25–30% fall in systemic vascular resistance due to peripheral vasodilation. The fall in vascular resistance also impacts upon renal function.





Maternal Mortality

WHO map maternal mortality ratio 2015.jpg

WHO map maternal mortality ratio (2015)

Links: Statistics - Maternal Mortality


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