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The family of Hox-proteins has been a focus of research for over 30 years.

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Some Recent Findings

  • Proposed Hox protein classification[1]"Our classification scheme offers a higher-resolution classification that is in accordance with phylogenetic as well as experimental data and, thereby, provides a novel basis for experiments, such as comparative and functional analyses of Hox-proteins."
  • Homeobox A7 up-regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor expression in human granulosa cells[2]"Our present study reveals a novel mechanistic role for HOXA7 in modulating granulosa cell proliferation via the regulation of EGFR. This finding contributes to the knowledge of the pro-proliferation effect of HOXA7 in granulosa cell growth and differentiation."


Proposed Hox protein classification.jpg
Proposed Hox protein classification[1]


Developmental patterning signal.



Signaling Pathway


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