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myGRN: a database and visualisation system for the storage and analysis of developmental genetic regulatory networks

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Extension Matrix The Extension Matrix provides an overview of the extensions available to be added on this site.

Extensions implemented

Extensions - under test

  • Extension:WikiArticleFeeds
    • The WikiArticleFeeds Extension is a MediaWiki extension for converting regular wiki articles into RSS and Atom feeds. Note: This is pretty much the polar opposite of XFeed
  • Extension:XFeed - RSS Feed Aggregator
    • Allow adding of RSS feeds to Wiki page. could use for journals which feed new articles.
  • Cite
  • ProcessCite Installed earlier, but problem with PubMed access, need to have some proxy to work. Contacted extension writer who did not resolve issue. Would like to get this working for referencing to work off PMID. --Mark Hill 10:17, 2 September 2009 (EST)
  • Calendar - installed here, but not currently used. Active on SOMS Wiki for biohood booking.
  • Extension:Hierarchical Namespace Permissions
  • RSS, RSSNews need to set up additional extension
  • Flash Video play (FLV) using flowplayer. Installed but not configured correctly. --Mark Hill 08:17, 2 October 2009 (EST)
  • PDFwriter - to generate hardcopy compilations of course lecture notes.


Originally used the Flowplayer extension. Did not seem to be able to place more than one movie on a page with this extension.

Now testing the MediaWiki FLV Player.

The following are default parameters, they can be overwritten through syntax <wikiflv></wikiflv>.

whatever.flv|whatever.png width="320" height="180" position="none" autostart="true" logo="true" autostart="false" volume="100" repeat="false"


Unfortunately will not work on all platforms. I have used Flash instead until a movie format compatible with all platforms is found.

Size/Width attributes don't hold up in Internet Explorer (6 or 7); Video doesn't play-on-click in Google Chrome


Attribute Reference

  • width=px or % (Modify the width of the object)
  • height=px or a% (Modify the height of the object)
  • autoplay=true/false (Start playing the file or wait at first frame, default:true)
  • controller=true/false (Show the controller, default:true)
  • name (object-specific)
  • id (embed-specific)
  • src (embed-specific)

Background Reading


There are several referencing solutions and I like the PMID link version as it requires no student formatting. I would also like a local copy of some key references, in particular for recent findings sections of notes, with its own page based on PMID and then we have the whole PMC ID issue.

Annotation of the reference?

Pubmed | PMC

Extensions: Cite | ProcessCite

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