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Fig. 3 A projection reconstruction of the Head end of Eternod’s Nine Somite Embryo

Eternod’s nine somite embryo ‘DuGa’, based upon a complete series of tracings made by H. M. Evans. Magnified 200 diameters and reduced one half in reproduction. The neural tube is closed as far forward as the caudal end of the otic segment (rh.4).

The broken lines at the level of the first somite represent the eight lost sections. The extent of the optic-neural crest primordia is indicated by stippling. ch.op.?, probably the chiasma ridge; c7'.neur., occipital neural crest; cr.n.rost., rostral division of the neural crest; dz'sc.ot., otic disc (outlined by dashes); mesen., midbrain; pr.a,c.fac., acoustico- facial primordium; p1'.op. , rostral end of the optic primordium which probably continues caudally to the region of crest proliferation; prosen., forebrain; rh.A1, the remains of the primary first hindbrain segment after the separation of the third definitive rhombomere (rh.8); rh.4 and 5, the otic and first postotic neuromeres;, the broken line indicates the extent of the first visceral pouch; sin.or., oral sinus;, the clearly cut margin of the stipple indicates the extent of the ventricular cristal sulcus; s.1, probable first somite; thy., anlage of thyroid. The arrows indicate the levels of the sections of this embryo figured by me in 1922 (figs. 2c and 9b). Attention may be called here to a misprint in the legend to this figure. The section reproduced as figure 2c is number 21, not 41, of the series.

Online Editor - Eternod’s ‘DuGa’ embryo, 9 somite embryo corresponds to Carnegie stage 10 in Week 4. Eternod ACF. II y a un canal notochordal dans l'embryon humain. (There is a notochordal channel in the human embryo) (1899) Anat. Anz., 16: 131-143.

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Bartelmez GW. The subdivisions of the neural folds in man. (1923) J. Comp. Neural., 35: 231-247.

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