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--Mark Hill (talk) 14:17, 5 April 2016 (AEST) removed link in collapsed table.

Here is is how I use the "Discussion" page option on this Embryology site

Imagine first that this talk page is like the reverse side of a sheet of paper, that the actual page is the front side.

This other side of the paper is currently used in 2 main ways.

  1. By me as a scribble notes page where draft versions, notes, images and research references can temporarily live. In many cases the content will eventually be modified or used on the actual project page. As you move about the site feel free to take a look at this "work in progress" view.
  2. By students currently as a discussion area for their various online projects and a way for me to communicate to each group.

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Welcome to the new site designed to allow interactive development of Embryology resources and information.


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This is the Main Page of the website, clicking the top left hand icon or the menu item will always bring you to here.

The headings below have links to the first pages of major topic sections or use the Site Map. You can use the Category link in the Navigation menu, or in the headings below to find all related topic content.

Human Embryology

Human Embryo, Carnegie stages 1-23
Human Embryo


Movies There are many different animations showing developmental processes and research material.

The original Flash and Quicktime movies are being replaced by MP4 versions.

Human System Development

  • Human System Development - an introductory page describing the development of different systems and specialized organs. Use the links listed below to view specific topics.
System Links: Introduction | Cardiovascular | Coelomic Cavity | Endocrine | Gastrointestinal Tract | Genital | Head | Immune | Integumentary | Musculoskeletal | Neural | Neural Crest | Placenta | Renal | Respiratory | Sensory | Birth

Human Neonatal

  • Neonatal Development - the events of the first four weeks after birth (postnatal) of human development.

Human Abnormal Development

Please note that abnormal development pages may contain clinical images not suitable for children.

Class Notes

Animal Development

  • Animal Development - an introduction to the development in other species, including those that are used as research models of development.


Contributed Pages


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Designed to update the original and popular UNSW Embryology website. You should find this new site easier to navigate and search. I am always happy to receive feedback on your learning experience.

UNSW Embryology content has been derived under a number of different copyright restrictions, therefore do not assume that you can reuse content found on this current site without permission. Click on images and movies to get descriptions and full copyright information. This is not a forum for non-biological issues concerning development, all such contributions and editing will be deleted and blocked.