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Plate 4. Vascular system of the brain of the human embryo
Human Embryo vascular development (week 8, stage 20 Carnegie Embryo No. 460)

Draft Page

See the historic article on human vascular development by George L. Streeter The Developmental Alterations in the Vascular System of the Brain of the Human Embryo (1921)

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Profile reconstruction of the dural veins in a human embryo 50 mm. long (Carnegie Collection, No. 96)
Human embryo 50 mm long (Carnegie Collection, No. 96.

Some Recent Findings

  • Foxc1 is required for early stage telencephalic vascular development[1] "The brain vascular system arises from the perineural vascular plexus (PNVP) which sprouts radially into the neuroepithelium and subsequently branches off laterally to form a secondary plexus in the subventricular zone (SVZ), the subventricular vascular plexus (SVP). The process of SVP formation remains to be fully elucidated. We investigated the role of Foxc1 in early stage vascular formation in the ventral telencephalon. Results: The Foxc1 loss of function mutant mouse, Foxc1ch/ch , showed enlarged telencephalon and hemorrhaging in the ventral telencephalon by E11.0. The mutant demonstrated blood vessel dilation and aggregation of endothelial cells in the SVZ after the invasion of endothelial cells through the radial path, which lead to failure of SVP formation. During this early stage of vascular development, Foxc1 was expressed in endothelial cells and pericytes, as well as in cranial mesenchyme surrounding the neural tube."
  • Review - The human brain intracerebral microvascular system: development and structure.[2] "The capillary from the meningeal inner pial lamella play a crucial role in the development and structural organization of the cerebral cortex extrinsic and intrinsic microvascular compartments. Only pial capillaries are capable of perforating through the cortex external glial limiting membrane (EGLM) to enter into the nervous tissue, although incapable of perforating the membrane to exit the brain. Circulatory dynamics and functional demands determine which capillaries become arterial and which capillaries become venous."
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  • required for early stage telencephalic vascular development[1]


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The Developmental Alterations in the Vascular System of the Brain of the Human Embryo (1921)


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