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Sagittal section through embryo week 4 approximately Carnegie stage [[Carnegie stage 11|11]] to [[Carnegie stage 12|12]].
Sagittal section through embryo week 4 approximately Carnegie stage [[Carnegie stage 11|11]] to [[Carnegie stage 12|12]].
More lateral section of the above embryo showing the yolk sac.
{{Blechschmidt collection}}
{{Blechschmidt collection}}

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Blechschmidt model on display.

(University of Goettingen, Germany)

The Blechschmidt Collection, named for Erich Blechschmidt (1904 – 1992), developed methods of human embryo reconstruction from serial sections and generated large models describing the embryonic period of human development. The models include whole surface views as well as detailed views of embryo internal structures.

The collection consists of 64 models[1] and approximately 200,000 serial sections of human embryos. Some of these embryo serial section sets were incorporated in 1972 into the Carnegie Collection (assigned Carnegie Nos. 10315-10434), but have since been returned to the University of Goettingen.

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Erich Blechschmidt

Erich Blechschmidt (1904 – 1992)[2] was a German anatomist and director of Göttingen University’s Anatomical Institute from 1942 until 1973. He held alternate theories for embryogenesis based upon "morphogenetic fields" and also believed that more than just genes might act to control development. He wrote several embryology books and research articles (32 are listed in PubMed between 1955 to 1976) all originally published in the German language.

Embryo Serial Sections


Sagittal section through embryo week 4 approximately Carnegie stage 11 to 12.


More lateral section of the above embryo showing the yolk sac.

Image source: The Blechschmidt Collection images are reproduced with the permission of Prof. Christoph Viebahn, director of the Institute of Anatomy and Embryology, , University Medical Center Göttingen. Images are for educational purposes only and cannot be reproduced electronically or in writing without permission.


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The prenatal developmental stages of man. An Introduction to Human Embryology. Karger, Basel 1960 (German-English parallel text).


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