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Wilhelm Roux (1850 – 1924)

Roux was a German zoologist and pioneer of experimental embryology.

Described "Entwicklungsmechanik" (mechanisms) a physiological approach to embryology. One experiment used a heated needle to kill at the frog 2 cell stage one of the blastomeres.

Doctoral thesis - On the bifurcation of blood vessels. A morphological study.

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Roux1895 titlepage.jpg Roux1897 titlepage.jpg
Collected papers on developmental mechanics of organisms (1895)

(Gesammelte Abhandlungen über Entwickelungsmechanik der Organismen)

Program and research methods of developmental mechanics of the organisms (1897)

(Programm und Forschungsmethoden der Entwickelungsmechanik der Organismen)

Monograph Editor


Hilfer1990 Fig04.jpg Surface views of Frog Embryos from W. Roux (1888).

Figures 5 and 6 show normal embryos at early and late stages of formation of the neural tube.

Figures 7 to 10 show embryos in which one blastomere was killed at the two-cell stage.

Figure 7, the ectoderm has covered much of the surface of the dead blastomere whereas much less repair has occurred in the other cases and it is clear that only partial embryos have formed.

Wilhelm Roux interpreted these results as proving that development is mosaic in character, each blastomere giving rise to a restricted part of the individual.


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