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Francisco Orts-Llorca (1905-1993)

Francisco Orts-Llorca (1905-1993)
Orts Llorca Madrid embryo catalogue

Francisco Orts-Llorca (1905-1993)[1] "was one of the most outstanding Spanish embryologists of the XX century. He was disciple of Henri Rouvire in Paris (France), Alfred Fischel in Vienna (Austria), Walther Vogt in Munich (Germany) and Pedro Ara in Madrid (Spain). From 1935, he was professor of Human Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of Cadiz, belonged then to the University of Seville (accidentally, in the University of Valencia, during the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939) and, later on, at the Faculty of Medicine of Madrid (Complutense University) from 1954 to 1975."

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Heart References

Innervation of the sinu-atrial node and neighbouring regions in two human embryos.[2]

In human embryos of 20 to 23 mm (36 to 40 days) it is possible to identify on the right side a nerve that we may call the sinusal, which originates by several roots from the nervus vagus dexter (Figs. 1A, B, D), descending through the right ventrolateral face of the primary trachea and right bronchus (Fig. 2, arrows). Beaded in appearance, it gives a fine anastomotic branch which, passing in front of the arteria pulmonalis dextra, passes to the left side (Figs. 2B, C, D; AN). At this level it gives the large branch for the nodus sinoatrialis which, penetrating through the wall of the superior vena cava, provides a rich innervation for the nodus sinoatrialis which is already in an advanced stage of differentiation (Fig. 3, 2; Cy, D, AN). Afterwards it gives fine branches which, following the atrial fold, are distributed throughout the posterior face of the atrium dextrum (Fig. 3). It increases in diameter and, passing through the angle formed by the right pulmonary veins with the atrium dextrum, reaches the intrapericardial portion of the inferior vena cava in the vicinity of its outlet from the atrium (Fig. 3, arrows). The whole innervation is parasympathetic at the stages studied.

The formation, septation and fate of the truncus arteriosus in man.[3]

The results of our studies enable us to draw the following conclusions. The truncus appears in the human embryo, between Stages XII and XIII, as a portion of the aortic sac which invaginates into the interior of the pericardial cavity. Therefore it is an arterial portion which is added to the heart. It lengthens progressively. The sigmoid valves form in the angle between the bulbus cordis and the truncus. Septation of the truncus begins when the sixth arterial arches appear in embryos of 6 to 8 mm. The process is very rapid; commencing in embryos of 6 to 7 mm, it is complete in embryos of 10 to 11 mm, that is to say, during only five days. The septation mechanism is extrinsic. The peribranchial mesenchyma which accompanies the aortic sac in its invagination advances principally on the right inferior part and insinuates itself between the fourth and sixth arterial arches, separating the truncus pulmonalis from a portion of the ascending aorta. An aorticopulmonary communication exists for a certain period prior to fusion of the two blocks of mesenchyma; there is a mesenchymal island. On the contrary, in the bulbus cordis septation is effected by the bulbar ridges. Septation of the truncus, which does not exist in the primitive cardiac tube, occurs prior to that of the bulbus cordis. While septation of the truncus has been already completed in embryos of 10 mm, septation of the bulbus cordis is completed only in embryos of 14 to 16 mm. Therefore the bulbus and the truncus are two portions, different in respect of both structure and septation. There is no continuity between the bulbar ridges and the septation of the truncus. They are separated by the sigmoid valves. This makes it possible to observe independent malformations in the bulbus and in the truncus. In the truncus the mesenchyma passes between the two vessels. They do not have a common septum, and it is for this reason that the surgeon can separate them in the mature heart.


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