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Human embryonic and fetal tissues for the Human Developmental Studies Network (HuDSeN) collection were obtained from the MRC-Wellcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR). This collection is based in the United Kingdom.

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Human Developmental Biology Resource

The HDBR is a MRC-Wellcome Trust funded resource to provide human embryological research materials (tissues, cells, slides, RNA, cDNA, DNA, protein) to registered users.

Human Developmental Studies Network

HuDSeN is a new collection from optical projection tomography that links gene expression patterns to a specific set of previously scanned human embryos.

The HuDSeN atlas is based on 12 optical projection tomography (OPT) models covering the range of Carnegie Stage 12 to 23.[1][2][3]

Human embryo tomography Carnegie stage 17.jpg
 ‎‎Stage 17 Embryo
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