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OK these are not my rankings, but by you the viewer.

These are the top ten popular pages based upon page views.

I have excluded the Main page, student projects and undergraduate course pages. Note, this data has not been updated since 1 January 2016, when page visit logs were removed.

1 January 2016 (EST)
  1. Embryonic Development‏‎ (399,216 views)
  2. Placenta Development‏‎ (183,296 views)
  3. Timeline human development‏‎ (154,106 views)
  4. Neural System Development‏‎ (116,916 views)
  5. Mouse Development‏‎ (115,361 views)
  6. Respiratory System Development‏‎ (112,977 views)
  7. Placenta - Abnormalities‏‎ (111,887 views)
  8. Implantation‏‎ (111,620 views)
  9. Fetal Development‏‎ (97,150 views)
  10. Chicken Development‏‎ (89,201 views)


The New page lists only important changes to the website and not corrections or minor additions. Changes include addition of placeholder template pages that will require updating with content.

  • There are no entries for minor changes to pages and the glossary or links.
  • The information below describes the common features on each page layout.

Jun 2015 - 53,149,787 (13,900,583) Dec 2014 - 39,249,204

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--Mark Hill 14:20, 22 January 2012 (EST) Published a draft book "Gray's Anatomy Embryology" on iTunes in iBook2, as proof of concept.

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November 2014

  • Returning Visitor 27,985 Sessions (21.8%)
  • New Visitor 100,226 Sessions (78.2%)


  1. desktop 89,990 (70.19%)
  2. mobile 29,155 (22.74%)
  3. tablet 9,066 (7.07%)
Language (Sessions , %) Browser Operating System
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  8. pt-br 1,108 0.86%
  9. de 1,020 0.80%
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Page Format

Beginning with this new site update an attempt has been made to have a reasonably common page layout for each entry.


  • Brief summary of key features, consisting one or more paragraphs.
  • Includes a related thumbnail image located to the left. This image may appear later on the same page.
    • Note all thumbnail images can be clicked to open a larger version with source information and alternate image version sizes. At the bottom of the image page will be a list of all Wiki pages that are linked to this image (it is specific to the version image shown).
  • Related page links - can be a common template of links as well as any original website page.

Some Recent Findings

  • Formatted as a light blue table with Pubmed links and abstract excerpt.
  • New relevant references are added here from time to time. These may not be changed regularly, the Pubmed Search (in References section) should be used to find the latest references.


  • chronological sequence of developmental events, usually human from fertilization (p.c., post-coitum) dates rather than clinical gestational age (GA).
  • Can be specific to the animal model
  • Note that there are specific pages for a Timeline.


  • Selected abnormalities and may not be a comprehensive list of associated abnormalities.
  • Use the OMIM database for genetic links.
  • Note that there may be more detailed information on a System Abnormality page or in the Abnormal Development section of notes.


  • Page cited references - using the Pubmed/Entrez extension and Cite extension.
  • Journals
  • Reviews - placed in chronological order and mainly reviews that at least an abstract is available to be viewed online and preference for fully available online.
  • Articles
  • Search Pubmed - include a search result (dated) number for a specific term, gives a sense of what the reader/researcher should expect to find with this search and the change over time from the date of original search. Can also include search Pubmed Books or Entrez (all database) search link.

External Links

Additional Images

Some topics have a range of images that are used on more specific pages elsewhere.


  • Appears as an alphabetical list.
  • The glossary itself, gives a list of terms with briefest and simplest explanation. Words within the explanation can be linked to other glossary terms. An additional "(More? ...)" links to site content and related OMIM and Pubmed papers. There can occasionally be links to related external internet sites.


Some pages include additions and variations on this sub-heading list

  • Textbooks
  • Terms

New Page Templates

Neural Parts: neural | prosencephalon | telencephalon cerebrum | amygdala | hippocampus | basal ganglia | lateral ventricles | diencephalon | Epithalamus | thalamus | hypothalamus‎ | pituitary | pineal | third ventricle | mesencephalon | tectum | cerebral aqueduct | rhombencephalon | metencephalon | pons | cerebellum | myelencephalon | medulla oblongata | spinal cord | neural vascular | meninges | Category:Neural


Template:Notes Original notes template page.

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Notice - Mark Hill
Currently this page is only a template and will be updated (this notice removed when completed).

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