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Human Embryo 4 mm
Collection of Prof. Strahl, Giessen. Carnegie stage 13
Desig. Size Age Body form Primitive streak Primitive segments Chorda Nervous system Eye Ear Nose Hypophysis Mouth Digestive trac, liver and pancreas Branchial pouches, threoid thymus, trachea and lungs Urogenital system Heart and vessels Integument Skeleton Extremities Amnion Allantois Remarks
N.T. Text-fig 9a-9s.
Gr. L. 4 mm. Between Figs. 5 and 7 of His" Normenta- fel. (The embryo of Fig. 6 of His' Nor- mentafel is probably pathological.) Vertex bend complete. Nape bend has begun. Chorda separated from entoderm, but in the cranial part, through 19 sections, it has as yet no mesoderm below it. Optic vesicles. Mesoderm between ectoderm and optic vesicle,
Remarks -
Reference: Keibel F. and Elze C. Normal Plates of the Development of the Human Embryo (Homo sapiens). (1908) Vol. 8 in series by Keibel F. Normal plates of the development of vertebrates (Normentafeln zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Wirbelthiere) Fisher, Jena., Germany.
Cited in: 1912 Human Embryology
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