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Human Embryo Pfannenstiel III
Collection of Prof. Pfannenstiel, Giessen. Carnegie stage 11
Desig. Size Age Body form Primitive streak Primitive segments Chorda Nervous system Eye Ear Nose Hypophysis Mouth Digestive trac, liver and pancreas Branchial pouches, threoid thymus, trachea and lungs Urogenital system Heart and vessels Integument Skeleton Extremities Amnion Allantois Remarks
6 Pfannenstiel III Fig. Vr and Vv. Textfig. 6a to 6w. Gr. L. about 2.6 mm. Embryo bent over the ventral surface and slightly bent spirally. Tail bud, on its ventral side doubtful remains of primitive streak. 13-14 pairs of primitive segments. Chorda emerging from entoderm, Cranially is still entoderm, caudally it is probably primarily independent of the entoderm and in this region it is no longer included in the entoderm. In brain region medullary canal is open to caudal to the region of the optic vesicle, similarly the caudal end. Anlagen of neuromeres already present. Primary optic vesicles. They are close to the ectoderm; in their region the medullary canal is wide open. Anlage of auditory vesicle recognizable as a thickened and at first but little depressed plate of ectoderm. Hypophysis just indicated. Primary pharyngeal membrane still closed. Oral sinus. Wide hepatic bay just cranial to the intestinal umbilicus. No trace yet of hepatic trabeculae. The two first branchial pouches reach the ectoderm, the 3rd is formed. Quite rudimentary "pronephric anlage" in 8th, 9th and 10 pairs of primitive segments. No trace yet of a Wolffian duct. Segmental vesicles in the 11th, 12th and 13th pairs of primitive segments. Heart S-shaped. Posterior mesocardium through a few sections. Aorta paired throughout. Allantoic duct Extirpation of uterus on account of carcinoma.
Remarks - Fixation formalin Muller's fluid. Stain Paracarmine. Sections 10 μ. Recent mitoses. Septum transverse. No ventral connection between pericardial and peritoneal cavities.
Reference: Keibel F. and Elze C. Normal Plates of the Development of the Human Embryo (Homo sapiens). (1908) Vol. 8 in series by Keibel F. Normal plates of the development of vertebrates (Normentafeln zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Wirbelthiere) Fisher, Jena., Germany.
Cited in: 1912 Human Embryology and

Low A. Description of a human embryo of 13-14 mesodermic somites. (1908) J Anat Physiol. 42(3): 237-51. PMID 17232769 | PMC1289161

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