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2015 Group Project Topic - Assisted Reproductive Technology
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Three Person Embryos

Three Person Embryos are embryos from oocytes that contain maternal and paternal DNA, and mitochondria from a third donor. Collectively, the techniques for the creation of Three Person Embryos are referred to as Mitochondrial Donation or Mitochondrial replacement-assisted IVF. Mitochondrial donation is used for the prevention of maternal inheritance of Mitochondrial disorders that occur due to the mutation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). It is considered a germ-line therapy, with the donated mitochondria being passed maternally to the next generation. Because of this it has generated debate in the media and scientific community over the ethics of its use, since the first techniques were developed in the 1980s. Recently, with the development of safer techniques, the United Kingdom and United States have begun the process of legalizing its clinical use.

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