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PMID: 30056110

Walls ML & Hart RJ. (2018). In vitro maturation. Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol , , . PMID: 30056110 DOI.

Neuropore cell shape changes.png

Neuropore cell shape changes[1]

  1. Shinotsuka N, Yamaguchi Y, Nakazato K, Matsumoto Y, Mochizuki A & Miura M. (2018). Caspases and matrix metalloproteases facilitate collective behavior of non-neural ectoderm after hindbrain neuropore closure. BMC Dev. Biol. , 18, 17. PMID: 30064364 DOI.

PubMed Reference Search - neural crest

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Peer Assessments

Mark Hill (talk) 15:30, 24 October 2018 (AEDT) No late add-on here will not affect your assessment, thank you for now adding your reviews. These Project peer assessments include both positive and negative feedback items. These are useful for the improvement of these projects.

adrenal medulla group review The beginning introduction is good and very detailed which is excellent as it shows adequate research has been applied but it may be too in depth as the project pertains to the adrenal medulla. But after reading it all it transitions nicely into the project so I don't mind all of the details that much. The information is organized and is well constructed in the first section of this project I like the time frames and each description under each, maybe use more than one reference for the intro so it is not all from one source. other than that the intro is really good.

For the developmental adult section, it is either not researched or not started, I would just remove it as the rest of the project is put together and the adult function is not super important. Also, the developmental time course would be really cool to have to see the steps involved in the creation of the medulla, if not added not a big deal.

The hand drawn figures are really nice add a certain flare to the project which i think is sweet.

Other than that minor edits need to be made and this project is polished, some sections need to be researched more as there are still two weeks left until it is assessed, so plenty of time to polish.

Melanocyte Group Wow, I can tell all of you have put in a lot of time researching this project has loads of information and all of the sections that are filled transition well. Other than what I assume you already know as some sections are missing information an I'm sure your group will have those filled out as the semester ends. Melanocyte group I have small changes to make. One this is just personal opinion I feel that for the figures under sections eyes and heart should be right justified and the wording should be on the left instead of the pictures being in the middle of the page. Also more photos as it seems very content heavy. Sections such as developmental time course and mechanisms will have information in the future I assume, the project is well put together without those sections included. The current research section about pluripotent stem cells could be researched a bit more as I feel it is lacking infromation. Maybe give details on how the process is actually done and how pluripotent stem cells are obtained or more infromation on the overiview of the topic that goes a little more in depth analysis. other than those small edits your group is doing an outstanding job this semester.

Dorsal root ganglia group The references and images are great. I would like more of a description on the image in the neural crest migration to the DRG section as it seems brief and I am a little lost, maybe add information on what the colors are specifically so I know what I am looking at. That section is extremely well written with loads of information which is great. In the section glial development, the descriptions of the proteins and what they do would help me understand such as proteins SOX10 and P2x3 in the section there is information on the proteins but not specifically where they are form and what functions they have. The last thing is just fix up the glossary and history section and the project is complete and nicely done dorsal root ganglia group.