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This tutorial will take you through the process of setting up or changing your personal preferences on the wiki. This page will also show how to set up specific pages to add to your watchlist.

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My Preferences

When you have logged in, at the top of every page in the site the menu will show "My preferences" (red highlight).

Selecting this option will open a new page with a tab menu showing range of personal settings that will be applied each time you log in.

Editing- my preferences 01.jpg
The initial "Preferences" tab shows your User profile (red highlight).

This page has basic information about you as a registered Wiki User.

  • Under the "Basic information" section you can edit your "Real name:"
  • Under the "Signature" section you can choose to change how your signature will appear when you sign an edit or comment.

If you are an undergraduate student, leave both your "Real name:" and "Signature" as your student ID.

Editing- my preferences 02.jpg


Want an easier to use toolbar when editing?
  1. Open "My preferences" (from the top of the page).
  2. Select the "Editing" tab.
  3. Under "Experimental features" tick the last 2 boxes.
  4. Finally save your changes.

The new toolbar option proves easier to use options for editing pages. If you like the original toolbar, simply go back through your preferences again and deselect these 2 options and save.

Editing- my preferences 03.jpg

Watch a Page

Editing- watchlist 01.jpg

You can set your own preferences for "Watched" pages within the site.

If you are an undergraduate student, I recommend that you watch at least the Discussion page of your project. The "Watch" must be set on the page itself.