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We will study human development over a series of 3 practical classes spanning the overall human prenatal developmental timecourse. In terms of Embryology in this current course, there will be an additional lecture on heart development and a practical on the extra-embryonic tissues formed from the conceptus (placenta and embryonic membranes).

Practical 3: Oogenesis and Ovulation | Gametogenesis | Fertilization | Early Cell Division | Week 1 | Implantation | Week 2 | Extraembryonic Spaces | Gastrulation | Notochord | Week 3

  Practical 3 - Fertilization to Implantation   Practical 6 - Implantation to 8 Weeks   Practical 12 - Fetal Period
Practical 14 - Placenta and Fetal Membranes

Practical - Fertilization to Implantation

Early development overview.


This laboratory is an introduction to the earliest event in development, from fertilization of the ovum (egg) by sperm through to implantation.

Key Concepts

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Gonad, gametogenesis, ovary, testis, menstrual cycle, oocyte (oogenesis), spermatozoa (sperm) (spermatogenesis), sperm morphology/motility, meiosis/mitosis, follicle development, ovulation, zona pellucida, polar body, menstrual cycle, fertilization, post-fertilization changes, corpus luteum, zygote, morula, blastocyst, inner cell mass (embryoblast), trophoblast, implantation, gestational age GA, ectopic pregnancy, abnormal development.

Key Reading

  • BGDA Practical Class Notes | Online version
  • The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology. Moore & Persaud Chapter 1-4
  • Human Embryology, WJ. Larsen Chapter 1, 2, 3

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Embryo logo Hill, M.A. (2020). UNSW Embryology (20th ed.) Retrieved May 28, 2024, from
The Developing Human, 10th edn.jpg Moore, K.L., Persaud, T.V.N. & Torchia, M.G. (2015). The developing human: clinically oriented embryology (10th ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders.(links only function with UNSW connection)

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Developing Human

Chapter 2 First Week of Human Development

Chapter 3 Second Week of Human Development

Chapter 4 Third Week of Human Development

Larsen's human embryology 5th ed.jpg Schoenwolf, G.C., Bleyl, S.B., Brauer, P.R., Francis-West, P.H. & Philippa H. (2015). Larsen's human embryology (5th ed.). New York; Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.(links only function with UNSW connection)

Chapter 1 Gametogenesis, Fertilization, and First Week

Chapter 2 Second Week: Becoming Bilaminar and Fully Implanting

Chapter 3 Third Week: Becoming Trilaminar and Establishing Body Axes

Practical 3: Oogenesis and Ovulation | Gametogenesis | Fertilization | Early Cell Division | Week 1 | Implantation | Week 2 | Extraembryonic Spaces | Gastrulation | Notochord | Week 3


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