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Note that much of the development of the nephron occurs during the fetal period. The images below show the early fetal post-fertilization age (Week 10) (gestational age (GA Week 12) renal development. The nephron commences as a mesenchymal condensation that becomes epithelial going through a number of specific stages including later vascularization.

In humans, nephrogenesis only occurs before birth, though nephron maturation continues postnatally. Mean glomerular number shown to level at 36 weeks, increasing from about 15,000 at 15 weeks to 740,000 at 40 weeks.

Nephron development has four identifiable developmental stages:

  1. Vesicle (V) stage (13-19 weeks, second trimester)
  2. S-shaped body (S) stage ( 20-24 weeks, second trimester)
  3. Capillary loop (C) stage (25-29 weeks, third trimester)
  4. Maturation (M) stage (infants aged 1-6 months, neonatal and postnatal)

Some Recent Findings

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Fetal Histology

Human fetal kidney histology 01.jpg Human fetal kidney histology 02.jpg
Human fetal kidney histology 03.jpg Human fetal kidney histology 04.jpg
Fetal Renal Links: fetal kidney histology 01 | fetal kidney histology 02 | fetal kidney histology 03 | fetal kidney histology 04

Fetal Urethra Histology

These images are a series of cross-sections through the fetal penis showing the developing urethra.

Fetal to Newborn Nephron Development

Fetal nephron development 01.jpg

After nephron development has completed and concomitant with the development of the renal papilla in the newborn, the thin ascending limb of Henle’s loops is generated as an outgrowth from the S3 segment of the proximal tubule and from the distal tubule anlage of the nephron.[1] (birds and mammals)

Kidney Endocrine
Hormone Function Comment
Renin increase angiotensin-aldosterone system paracrine, renin is released by juxtaglomerular cells
Prostaglandins decrease sodium (Na+) reabsorption paracrine, (PGE2) vasodilator regulate renal vascular reactivity
Erythropoietin increase Erythrocyte production endocrine, promotes red blood cell formation in bone marrow
1,25 (OH)2 vitamin D Calcium homeostasis endocrine, biologically active form of vitamin D
Prekallikreins increase Kinin production paracrine, act locally to induce vasodilation and contraction of smooth muscle


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