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G7L Image Features

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Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System Development

  • Heart showing both ventricles (and ventricular septum) and a single atria in this section.
  • Aortic sac lying ventral to the hypopharyngeal eminence.
  • Ductus venosus large cavity within the liver.
  • Truncus arteriosus above heart.
  • Dorsal aorta with intersegmental artery branches lying ventral to developing vertebral column.

Endocrine System

Endocrine System Development

  • Rathke's pouch.
  • Floor of pharynx with foramen caecum (remains of thyroglossal duct), and caudally to it, the hypopharyngeal eminence.

Gastrointestinal Development

Gastrointestinal Tract Development

  • Caudal pharynx (extending laterally, ventral to dorsal aorta - compare with B4).
  • Stomach and lesser sac in mesentery.
  • Triangular flange of mesentery with triangular hole and intervitelline anastomosis.
  • Hindgut (without lumen) seen at caudal end of mesentery.

Musculoskeletal System

Musculoskeletal System Development

Cervical region

  • dark masses of dorsal root ganglia.

Lumbar region

  • dorsal aorta with its dorsal segmental arterial branches.
  • Between each dorsal segmental artery is a darker-staining mass of mesenchyme (the dark part of a sclerotome) which is the primordia of the intervertebral disc.
  • The dorsal segmental artery itself marks the location of the centre of the light-staining part of the sclerotome, which is the future vertebral body.
  • The dark band dorsal to the sclerotomes is the basal lamina of the wall of the neural tube.

Neural Development

Neural System Development


  • First identify the cerebral vesicles and flexures in this sagittal section.
  • Identify the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain.
  • The roof of the hindbrain is thin (roofplate formed by a membrane only).

Spinal Cord

  • Identify the dorsal root ganglia.
  • At the lower end of the embryo the section passes through the spinal cord.

Renal System

Renal System Development

  • large mesonephros lying ventral to dorsal aorta.

Respiratory System

Respiratory System Development

  • Trachea
  • Left lungbud caudal to left atrium with attachment of pulmonary mesenchyme to septum transversum.

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About Stage 13 Embryo Sections - This image is from a serial section of a 6mm CRL pig embryo with some features of the Stage 14 embryo. This embryo is approximately equal to the day 42 human embryo. Use these serial images to identify internal features and relationships that exist within the embryo at this stage. Then compare these images with the later features of the Carnegie stage 22 human embryo.

Links: Carnegie stage 13 - serial sections | Carnegie stage 13 | Embryo Serial Sections
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Stage 13 Serial unlabeled images

A1   A2   A3   A4   A5   A6   A7

B1   B2   B3   B4   B5   B6   B7

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Embryo Stage 13 Serial labeled images

A1L  A2L  A3L  A4L  A5L  A6L  A7L

B1L  B2L  B3L  B4L  B5L  B6L  B7L

C1L  C2L  C3L  C4L  C5L  C6L  C7L

D1L  D2L  D3L  D4L  D5L  D6L  D7L

E1L  E2L  E3L  E4L  E5L  E6L  E7L

F1L  F2L  F3L  F4L  F5L  F6L  F7L

G1L  G2L  G3L  G4L  G5L  G6L  G7L

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