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About Carnegie Stages

Carnegie stages are named after the famous US Institute which began collecting and classifying embryos in the early 1900's. The human embryonic period proper is divided into 23 Carnegie stages and covers most of the first trimester of human development. Carnegie stages are based on the external and/or internal morphological development of the embryo, and are not directly dependent on either age or size. Criteria beyond morphological features include age in days, number of somites present, and embryonic length. Similar staging criteria can be applied to embryos from other species.


  • Pages section on this current page include individual stage pages and notes sections that relate to this period of development.
  • Media section on this current page show some images of the Carnegie stages at 4 different sizes (1000px, 800px, 600px, 400px), the larger the image the larger the "bytes" size. Please observe the copyright restriction on some images shown under "Image Source".


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