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Dr Mark Hill

This page links to sample electron microscopy images that have been digitised to a new format that allows the viewer to both zoom and move the image on the screen as you would with an online map programs and online virtual slides. These images have also been optimised and formatted for viewing on all mobile devices. Special thanks to Dartmouth EM for making their images available for general use.

UNSW Students please note these are not the Histology and Pathology Virtual Slide Set.

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  • Simple zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) control (shown at the top left of each image).
  • Mobile devices can also just double tap the screen to zoom.
Virtual images controls.jpg Image Controls (shown at the top left of each image)
  1. Desktop version, click on either the thumbnail image below or the image label to open the new image.
  2. The image controls are located at the top left, or zoom can be controlled with mouse wheel.
  3. Use the browser back button to return to this page.

Permalink (shown at the bottom right of each image) Allows a permanent link to be created to the current image view. (More? how to use Permalink)

  • Opens the Preview version of the original online image file (scaled for preview).
  • Click the Preview Image to open the full size image (Note, this may be a large file, image can also be zoomed on mobile and desktop devices).
  • The Virtual Slide should also be available in the summary information shown below the image.

Want to make your own link to a specific part of a virtual slide? Read how to use Permalink.

Technical Note
Both the Mobile and Desktop links appear as external links as the image files are located outside the Wiki database.

When you have opened a Virtual Slide, you can use your browser back button to return to this current page.


Respiratory Epithelium EM1

Respiratory Epithelium EM01b.jpg

 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides
Respiratory Epithelium EM2

Respiratory Epithelium EM02b.jpg

 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides
Respiratory Epithelium SEM1


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides
Respiratory Cilia EM4


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides
Respiratory Alveolus EM5

Mouse Alveolus EM01-icon.jpg

 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides


Vascular Sinus EM1

Vascular Sinus EM01b.jpg

 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides
Capillary EM1


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides

Skeletal Muscle

Skeletal Muscle EM1


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

Skeletal Muscle | EM Slides
Skeletal Muscle EM2


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

Skeletal Muscle | EM Slides
Skeletal Muscle EM3


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

Skeletal Muscle | EM Slides
Skeletal Muscle EM4


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

Skeletal Muscle | EM Slides
Skeletal Muscle EM5


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

Skeletal Muscle | EM Slides

Extracellular Matrix

Collagen EM1


 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

EM Slides
Collagen is the major extracellular matrix protein found in connective tissues.
  • Collagen Type I - Template:Skin, tendon, vascular, ligature, organs, bone (main component of bone)
  • Collagen Type II - cartilage (main component of cartilage)
  • Collagen Type III - reticular fibers with type I.
  • Collagen Type IV - forms bases of cell basement membrane
  • Collagen Type V - hair and nail

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