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The aim of this course is to provide students in the BSc and BMedSc programs with a basic understanding of the structural organisation of the human central nervous system in sufficient depth to form the basis for further clinical or research studies of the nervous system.

The following images are prepared for a Neurodevelopment class from UNSW Embryology. The listed cross-sections are recommended to be viewed in the order in which they are shown below. A direct link ANAT3411 to this current page appears on the lefthand menu of every embryology page.

  • Begin with a simplified introduction by looking through Brain Awareness Week.
  • Then return to this page for the remainder of the class.
UNSW Embryology Textbooks  
UNSW Students have online access to the these embryology textbook chapters through UNSW Library subscription (with student Zpass log-in).
The Developing Human, 10th edn.jpg

APA Citation: Moore, K.L., Persaud, T.V.N. & Torchia, M.G. (2015). The developing human: clinically oriented embryology (10th ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders.

Larsen's human embryology 5th ed.jpg

APA Citation: Schoenwolf, G.C., Bleyl, S.B., Brauer, P.R., Francis-West, P.H. & Philippa H. (2015). Larsen's human embryology (5th ed.). New York; Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

Embryo Images Links

Early Cell Populations and Establishment of Body Form

Nervous System Development

Note the links above are external links to Archival Web resources.

Stage 22 Spinal Cord

Cross-section of the human embryonic spinal cord (end of week 8).

Human Stage22 spinal cord01.jpg Human Stage22 spinal cord02.jpg

Virtual Slide

Stage 22 - Spinal Cord (rotated)

Human Stage22 spinal cord03.jpg

 ‎‎Mobile | Desktop | Original

Stage 22 | Embryo Slides
These listed features link to zoomed views of the virtual slide with the named feature generally in the centre of the view.

Use the (-) at the top left of the screen to see where this feature is located.

Spinal Cord Features Other Features

Embryo Stage 13

Carnegie stage 13 Week 4 (6 mm Embryo)
Series Section Plane Unlabeled Labeled
G6L Midline longitudinal Stage 13 image 048.jpg Stage 13 image 097.jpg
G7L Lateral longitudinal Stage 13 image 049.jpg Stage 13 image 098.jpg
A3L Rhombomeres and otic vesicle Stage 13 A3 plane.gif Stage 13 image 003.jpg Stage 13 image 052.jpg
B4L Spinal cord and optic vesicle Stage 13 B4 plane.gif Stage 13 image 011.jpg Stage 13 image 060.jpg
B5L Spinal cord and diencephalon Stage 13 B5 plane.gif Stage 13 image 012.jpg Stage 13 image 061.jpg
Human Embryo (Stage 13)
Stage13 face ventral view01.jpg Stage13 spinal cord02.jpg
Ventral view of upper half of embryo Early spinal cord regions
Carnegie stage 13 occurs in week 4 to week 5, 28 - 32 days. The embryos have a crown rump length (CRL) of 4 - 6 mm and somite number 30 pairs. Scale bar 0.5 mm.

Embryo Stage 22

Carnegie stage 22 Week 8 (27 mm Embryo)
Series Section Plane Unlabeled Labeled
A1L Stage 22 A1 plane.gif Stage 22 image 001.jpg Stage 22 image 050.jpg
A3L Stage 22 A3 plane.gif Stage 22 image 003.jpg Stage 22 image 052.jpg
A4L Stage 22 A4 plane.gif Stage 22 image 004.jpg Stage 22 image 053.jpg
A6L Stage 22 A6 plane.gif Stage 22 image 006.jpg Stage 22 image 055.jpg
B1L Stage 22 B1 plane.gif Stage 22 image 008.jpg Stage 22 image 057.jpg
B2L Stage 22 B2 plane.gif Stage 22 image 009.jpg Stage 22 image 058.jpg
B3L Stage 22 B5 plane.gif Stage 22 image 010.jpg Stage 22 image 059.jpg
B4L Stage 22 B5 plane.gif Stage 22 image 011.jpg Stage 22 image 060.jpg
B5L Stage 22 B5 plane.gif Stage 22 image 012.jpg Stage 22 image 061.jpg
B6L Stage 22 B6 plane.gif Stage 22 image 013.jpg Stage 22 image 062.jpg
B7L Stage 22 B7 plane.gif Stage 22 image 014.jpg Stage 22 image 063.jpg
C1L Stage 22 C1 plane.gif Stage 22 image 015.jpg Stage 22 image 064.jpg
C2L Stage 22 C2 plane.gif Stage 22 image 016.jpg Stage 22 image 065.jpg
C3L Stage 22 C3 plane.gif Stage 22 image 017.jpg Stage 22 image 066.jpg

Late Embryo Cortex

Carnegie stage 22 Week 8 (27 mm Embryo)

Stage 22 image 217.jpg

Additional Information

Additional Information - Content shown under this heading is not part of the material covered in this class. It is provided for those students who would like to know about some concepts or current research in topics related to the current class page.

Links: Neural Histology

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Stage 10 - Neural Groove
Stage10 sem2.jpg This is a dorsolateral view of the embryo. The amniotic sac has been removed to show the still open neural groove.
  • Neural groove forming from neural plate on upper surface.
    • large brain fold region to left of image.
    • narrow spinal cord region to right of image.
  • Heart bulge can be seen on lower ventral surface.
  • Connecting stalk to the right of image.
  • Amniotic membrane cut edge shown at edge of developing embryo.
Stage10 sem6.jpg This is a dorsal view of the same embryo with the future head, and brain, now shown at the top of image.
Stage10 sem10.jpg This is a lateral view of a later embryo showing the neural groove closing to form the neural tube.

Note the still open cranial (top) and caudal (bottom) neuropores. These are the last parts of the tube to close.

Stage 11 - Cut through the neural tube
Stage11 sem11.jpg This slightly older embryo has been broken in half close slightly away from the midline to show features of the neural tube.
  • At the level of the hindbrain and spinal cord - (right of image) the floor, wall and roof of the neural tube can be seen. Notice also the rhombomere bulges at the level of the hindbrain.
  • In the head region - (top of image) part of the lateral wall of the neural tube remains, at the level of midbrain. A segment of the forebrain has been removed to show the internal surface of this region.

Timeline Events


Simplified overview table showing broad events of neural development classified by proliferation, migration, differentiation and metabolism. Note the long time course of development and that it continues into the postnatal period.

Neural Movies

 ‎‎Stage 13 Neural
Page | Play
 ‎‎Stage 22 Neural
Page | Play
Neuralplate 001 icon.jpg
 ‎‎Neural Plate
Page | Play
Neuraltube 001 icon.jpg
 ‎‎Neural Tube
Page | Play
Mouse neural tube 01 movie icon.jpg
 ‎‎Neural Tube Close
Page | Play
Brain fissure development 03.jpg
 ‎‎Sylvian Fissure
Page | Play
Adult human brain tomography.jpg
 ‎‎Adult Brain
Page | Play

Glossary Links

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