ANAT2511 Gastrointestinal Tract

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ANAT2511 Fundamentals of Anatomy This histology practical support page content is not part of the histology practical class and provides only background information for student self-directed learning purposes. Histology lecturer notice.

General Objective

To know the histological features of various anatomical subdivisions of the tubular part of the GIT (oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and appendix) and its major glands (liver and gallbladder).

Reading: Human Anatomy, Marieb et al., 6th ed., The Digestive System
Virtual Slides: GIT Histology


Adult gastrointestinal tract cartoon02.jpg Adult gastrointestinal tract cartoon01.jpg

Adult gastrointestinal tract cartoon.jpg



Oesophagus histology 03.jpg

Liver and Gall Bladder

Liver histology 002.jpg Gall bladder histology 001.jpg


Jejunum histology 01.jpg Intestine histology 001.jpg

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