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A Glossary of Histological and Micro-Anatomical Terms

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Including historical origins and eponyms compiled by Dr Brian Freeman, Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences, revised 2000.
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Abbreviations: ( ) plural form in brackets, A. Arabic, abb. abbreviation, c. circa =about, F. French adj. adjective, G. Greek, Ge. German, cf. compare, L. Latin, dim. diminutive, NA. Nomina anatomica, q.v. which see, OF. Old French

I - band abb. of isotropic band G. isos = equal + tropos = a turning, direction; equal properties in every direction; of transverse bands in skeletal muscle which do not rotate the plane of polarised light, cf. A-band.

-iculus L. = a diminutive suffix.

ileum G. eilein = to twist; distal part of small intestine (1618).

ilium L. = the flank.

immunoglobulin L. immunis = free from service, exempt + globulus = a little sphere; one of a class of proteins consisting of two polypeptide chains and functioning as an antibody.

incisor adj. L. incidere = to cut into, to notch; of the four front upper and lower teeth.

incus L. = an anvil; middle ossicle of middle ear (Vesalius, c. 1550).

infundibulum L. = a funnel, from L. infundere = to pour into; funnel-shaped part of an organ.

inspissated L. inspissatus = thickened; concentrated by absorption.

insulin L. insula = island; hormone secreted by beta cells in the pancreatic islets of Langerhans.

integument L. in = on + tegere = to roof, to cover (L. tegmen = a roof) ; a covering, hence the skin, consisting of epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

intercalated L. inter = between + calare = to proclaim, calatus = inserted; of a duct inserted between the end of the gland (acinus, or alveolus) and a larger duct; of a disc inserted between the ends of two cardiac fibres.

interneurone abb. of internuncial neuron, q.v.

internode L. " + nodus = knot; a segment of myelinated nerve fibre between adjacent nodes of Ranvier, q.v.

internuncial neuron L. " + nuncius = a messenger; a nerve cell relaying an impulse from one cell to the next; an interneurone.

interstice (-es) L. " + sistere = to set; a space or gap in a tissue or in an organ.

interstitial adj. L. " ; located inbetween, e.g., cells of Leydig.

interstitium L. " ; the interstices, q.v.

intestine contraction of L. quod intus est = that which is inside; L. intestina = the guts, entrails (Celsus, c. 10 AD).

intima L. = innermost; cf. tunica intima.

intrafusal L. intra = with + fusus = spindle; of the fibres in a muscle spindle = neuromuscular spindles.

intramural L. intra = within + murus = wall; within the wall of an organ.

intussusception L. intus = within + suscipere = to receive; an invagination; the slipping ("telescoping") of one part of the intestine into a lower part.

invagination L. invaginare = to ensheath; process of pushing inwards and thereby creating a sheath.

involution L. in = into + volvere = to roll; retrogressive change with size decrease.

iris L. = a rainbow; the coloured membrane around the pupil in anterior segment of eye; a diaphragm in a microscope that can open or close a central pupil-like aperture.

isotropic G. iso = same + tropos = a turning; having the same properties in all directions.

isthmus G isthmos = a narrow passage, a land-bridge; a connecting band.

iter L. = a journey, a passage-way; a way between two anatomical structures, e.g., iter of Sylvius = midbrain aqueduct; iter chordae tympani (anterior, posterior).

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