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A Glossary of Histological and Micro-Anatomical Terms

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Including historical origins and eponyms compiled by Dr Brian Freeman, Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences, revised 2000.
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Abbreviations: ( ) plural form in brackets, A. Arabic, abb. abbreviation, c. circa =about, F. French adj. adjective, G. Greek, Ge. German, cf. compare, L. Latin, dim. diminutive, NA. Nomina anatomica, q.v. which see, OF. Old French

Naboth, Martin. 1675-1721 Leipzig physician and anatomist, chemistry professor; Nabothian glands or cysts = swollen uterine cervical mucous glands (1707).

Nasmyth, Alexander. ?-1848. London dentist; N.'s membrane = cuticle of dental enamel (1839).

navicular fossa L. navicula = a little ship, a skiff + fossa = a ditch; hollowed out proximal surface of the tarsal equivalent of the carpal scaphoid, i.e., the navicular bone; navicular fossa of urethra = dilated terminal portion of urethra in penis; navicular fossa of vaginal vestibule.

necrosis G. nekrosis = a killing; cell death due to external cause.

nephron G. nephros = kidney; functional unit of kidney; adj. nephric.

nerve L. nervus from G. neuron = a fibre, sinew (N.B. Hippocrates and other early anatomists called all fibres "neurons", not distinguishing sinews from peripheral nerves; later Aristotle used term to describe a nerve in the modern sense); cf. neuron, cf. aponeurosis.

nervus vasi (nervi vasorum) L. nervus = nerve + vas = blood vessel; in tunica adventitia.

nest a group or collection of similar objects, e.g., a cell nest, a keratin pearl, q.v.

neurilemma (or neurolemma) G. neuron = nerve (q.v.) + lemma = husk; delicate layer extenal to myelin sheath of a Schwann cell around nerve fibre.

neurite G. neuron = nerve (q.v.); axon (= axis cylinder, q.v.) of nerve cell, conducting signals away from soma; cf. dendrite.

neuroglia see glia.

neurokeratin G. " + keras = horn; protein component of myelin sheath.

neurophysin G. " + physis = growth; intra-axonal protein of pars nervosa of hypophysis.

neuron (or neurone) G. neuron = sinew; nerve cell including its processes; cf. nerve; cf. aponeurosis.

neuropil G " + pilos = felt; tangled network of neural and glial structures around neuronal somas.

neurotubules protein tubules found in axoplasm.

neutrophil L. neuter = neither + philein = to love; of cells with no strong affinity for acidic or basic dyes; specific type of leucocyte.

nexus L. = a bond; gap junction between cells.

Nissl, Franz. 1860-1919 Heidelberg neurologist; N. bodies = chromatophilic granules or tigroid bodies in neuronal soma, consisting of rough endoplasmic reticulum.

nuclear fast red a basic dye.

nucleolus L. = a little kernel, dim. of L. nucleus = a nut (G. Valentin, 1836).

nucleus L. = a kernal; 1. central component in a soma (R. Brown, 1831), 2. cluster of nerve cells in central nervous system.

nucleus pulposus NA. = central gelatinous mass inside an intervertebral disc, remnant of notochord.

Nuhn, Anton. 1814-1889 Heidelberg anatomist; gland of N. = anterior lingual glands.

nulliparous L. nullus = none + pario = I bear (children).

numerical aperture product of refractive index of medium between coverglass and objective and sine of half aperture angle of objective lens, i.e., angle between optical axis and the most inclined ray accepted by the objective lens.

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