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A Glossary of Histological and Micro-Anatomical Terms

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Including historical origins and eponyms compiled by Dr Brian Freeman, Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences, revised 2000.
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Abbreviations: ( ) plural form in brackets, A. Arabic, abb. abbreviation, c. circa =about, F. French adj. adjective, G. Greek, Ge. German, cf. compare, L. Latin, dim. diminutive, NA. Nomina anatomica, q.v. which see, OF. Old French

taenia coli L. = a tape, ribbon + G. kolon = colon.

tanning F. tannin = acid substance in tree bark; to make brown.

tapetum L. = a carpet, from G. tapes ; fibres of posterior part of corpus callosum; tapetum choroideae = iridescent layer in choroid of eye of certain animals, e.g, a cat's eye.

tarsus G. tarsos = a broad flat frame of wickerwork (for drying cheeses on); supporting plate of fibrous tissue in eyelid; skeletal frame of foot.

Tartrazine a synthetic yellow dye.

Tawara, Sunao. 1873-1952 Tokyo anatomist & pathologist; node of T. (1906) = atrioventricular node.

tectorial adj. L. tectum = a roof, a cover; tectum = roof of midbrain with the corpora quadrigemina; tectorial membrane = spiral gelatinous layer in cochlear duct covering the organ of Corti.

tegmen L. = a covering; cf. integument.

tela L. = a web, a fabric woven in a loom; of any web-like structure or layer; e.g., tela submucosa, tela choroidea (part of choroid plexus of ventricles of CNS); tela subcutanea.

telodendron (-ia) G. telos = end + dendron = tree; arborization at the end of an axon.

telophase G. " + phasis = a phase; final stage of somatic cell division when daughter cells separate.

tendon L. tendo = I stretch out; a tendon.

Tenon, Jacques-René. 1724-1816 Paris pathologist, surgeon & oculist; T.'s capsule = fascia bulbi = fascia of eyeball (1806).

terminal bar light microscopic term for junctional complex.

terminal web light microscopic term for intracellular protein filaments in apical cytoplasm of some epithelial cells.

testicle L. testiculus = testis, dim. L. testis = a witness (in Roman law, witness was legally admissible only if testicles present).

thalamus G. thalamos = a bed-chamber, a temple; pre-Vesalian use: thalami cordis = heart chambers; thalami penis = cavernous spaces; nuclear mass in lateral wall of 3rd ventricle.

Thebesius, Adam Christian. 1686-1732 Hirschberg (Silesia) physician; Leiden anatomist & pathologist; Thebesian valve = valve of coronary sinus (1708); T. veins = venae cordis minimae = small veins of the heart (1708).

theca L. = a sheath, an envelope, from G. theke ; e.g., theca folliculi interna & externa of Graafian follicle.

theory G. theoreo = I contemplate, consider.

thrombocyte G. thrombos = a lump, a blood clot obstructing a vessel + kytos = hollow vessel; a platelet (non-nucleated element of blood).

thrombus (-i) L. from G. thrombos = a lump, a blood clot obstructing a vessel.

thymus G. thymos = thyme; also soul, vital force; lymphocyte-producing organ in thoracic mediastinum; sweetbread (origin is obscure: possibly resembling the buds of the thyme herb; or close to the heart, the seat of the soul).

thyroid G. thyreos = shield + -oeides = form; endocrine gland of neck, shaped like a shield (Galen c. 180 AD).

tigroid G. tigroeides = like tiger spots.

Tomes, John (Sir). 1815-1895 English dental surgeon; T.'s fibres = odontoblast processes continued into tubules in dentine.

tonofilaments intracellular protein filaments attached to desmosomes; cf. rete Malpighii.

tonsil L. tonsilla (origin obscure); mass of lymphocytes close to an epithelium, e.g., lingual tonsil, palatine tonsil (the "tonsil"), pharyngeal tonsil (adenoid, tonsil of Luschka, q.v.), tubal tonsil (of auditory tube); also cerebellar tonsil.

trabecula (-ae) L. = a little beam, dim. L. trabs , from G. trapes = beam, rib of a ship; 1. bundles or sheets of fibres giving internal support to an organ, 2. bony lamellae in cancellous bone.

trabeculae carnae L. = fleshy beams; thick bands of cardiac muscle on inner wall of ventricles.

trabecular meshwork = trabeculae at angle of anterior chamber of eye where aqueous humour flows = valvulae of Gerlach, q.v.

trachea G. tracheia = rough; respiratory tube which, in relaxed state, has corrugations due to cartilage rings.

tract L. tractus = a flock of wool drawn out for spinning, a long piece of pastry dough, a wide expanse; a bundle of nerve fibres in central nervous system.

tragus G. tragos = goat; cartilaginous projection anterior to external auditory meatus (which may carry a goat-beard-like tuft of hairs on its internal aspect).

trigeminal L. tres = three + geminus = twin, triplets; fifth cranial nerve with three main branches.

trophoblast G. trophe = nourishment + blastos = germ; outermost layer of chorion in a growing conceptus; with two sublayers (cytotrophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast).

tuba auditiva L. tuba = trumpet + auditio = hearing; trumpet-shaped auditory tube.

tuba uterina L. " + uterus = womb; salpinx; oviduct.

tubulus L. = a small pipe of more or less constant diameter (dim. L. tubus = pipe).

tunica (-ae) L. = a shirt, a sheath.

tunica adventitia L. " + adventicius = coming from abroad; outer layer of a tube.

tunica intima L. " + intima = innermost; inside layer of a tube such as a blood vessel.

tunica vaginalis L. " + vagina = a sheath; serous membrane surrounding sides and front of testis.

tympanic adj. G. tympanon = a tambourine, a drum; referring to ear-drum (Fallopius, q.v.).

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