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Here are a few simple questions that relate to your BGD practical, this page is not a part of today's Practical class. You should try in your own time as self-directed learning exercise after completing the practical today.

  • Take the quiz and see what you know.
  • If you get some wrong, read the displayed information with the answer, and try working again through the Practical.

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{During week 2 the blastocyst implants and the outer cell layer in that week becomes: |type="()"} -   decidual cells and hypoblast cell layer +   cytotrophobasts and syncitiotrophoblasts -   chorion and amniotic membranes -   the embryoblast and inner cell mass

||The outer layer of the blastocyst contributes the fetal placental layers of cytotrophobasts and syncitiotrophoblasts. Decidual cells are formed from the maternal uterine stroma and hypoblast cells are a transient layer lost by week 3 in development. Chorionic and amniotic membranes form later and have extra embryonic mesoderm contributions. The embryoblast and inner cell mass are the same thing and refer to the other population of cells in the blastocyst.

{The human placenta is derived from only fetal cells. |type="()"} -   true +   false || The human placenta is a maternal and fetal organ, with components contributed from both the mother and the conceptus.



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