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This 5-day-old infant is in the alert, quiet state.
  • The Moro reflex or "startle reflex" is obtained by holding the baby’s head and shoulders off of the mat with the arms held in flexion on the chest.
  • The examiner suddenly lets the head and shoulders drop back a few inches while releasing the arms.
  • The arms should fully abduct and extend, then return towards the midline with the hand open and the thumb and the index finger forming a “C” shape.
  • An absent or incomplete Moro is seen in upper motor neuron lesions.
  • An asymmetric Moro is most often seen with a brachial plexus lesion.
  • The brachial plexus palsy is on the side of the poorly abducted arm.

See also movie abnormal Moro reflex.

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Moro reflex

(startle reflex) Clinical term describing a primitive reflex, an involuntary response (reflex) that is present at birth and that normally disappears after 3 or 4 months. The reflex has 4 parts: startle; abduction of the upper limbs (spreading out arms); adduction of the upper limbs (unspreading the arms); crying (usually, but may be absent). Preterm birth infants (28 to 33 weeks) have an incomplete form of this reflex and postnatal persistence (beyond 4 or 5 months) occurs in infants with severe neurological defects.

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