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Human Embryo (CRL 3.1 mm)

This animation shows the human embryo at 3.1 mm CRL with 13 somites (late Carnegie stage 10 to early Carnegie stage 11). The movie begins with the embryo ventral view with the yolk sac cut away. The original model stands about 1 m high (apprxo x300) and is part of the Blechschmidt Collection.

Model 3.1mm embryo label ventral.jpg


  • The endoderm (green) edge is where the yolk sac has been removed showing the open midgut.
  • The embryo endoderm has two openings: the cranial leading to the foregut, the caudal leading to the hindgut.
  • Visible above the endoderm is firstly the heart bulge.
  • Visible above heart bulge are the edges of the open cranial neuropore.
  • Visible below the endoderm and to the right is the connecting stalk.

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Image source: The Blechschmidt Collection images are reproduced with the permission of Prof. Christoph Viebahn, director of the Institute of Anatomy and Embryology, , University Medical Center Göttingen. Images are for educational purposes only and cannot be reproduced electronically or in writing without permission.


Historic Drawings

This embryo is only an early Carnegie stage 11, based upon the 13 somite pairs and has an external form similar to the historically illustrated earlier Carnegie stage 10 embryos with 8 to 10 somite pairs.

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