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The following information and preliminary statistical information relates to the use of the new online lecture and practical pages designed for Embryology in Medicine for 2010.


Previously, this content was provided as a mix of Powerpoint presentations and online website pages. The website, online since 1997 and used by many external universities, is a comprehensive Embryology resource covering additional topics outside the current course.

Questionnaire, email and in-class feedback from students indicated that they found the online format very useful in their studies and readily available. There were also some common issues described by the students and observed during the practical classes. Firstly, the website had grown complicated and was now difficult to navigate and students could easily "loose their way". Secondly, embryology content contained many new and unique terms for the students and as these structures changed, so too did the descriptive terminology.


This is the first time these classes have been prepared here for medical student use. Note that the practical classes also included models and specimens permanently on display and accessible in the Wallace Wurth (106/108) Embryology Museum and computer laboratory space.

The current content has been prepared to demonstrate how freely available software, that is familiar to students, can be applied to the changing online learning environment. The platform is extremely stable, flexible and various media formats can be uploaded and linked (images, graphs, movies, animations, audio and quizzes). In addition, several structural changes have been applied to resolve the earlier described issues.


  • Every page has the same lefthand menu with clearly identified medicine content.
  • Each practical class has a similar structure of a small number of separate pages focussing on a specific concept.
  • Each page within the class has an identical navigation menu at the top and bottom of the page.



In future cycles students will also have the ability provide feedback, prepare embryology projects and to add and edit their own individual pages to compile their embryology content for later use and revision. Content can be controlled by allowing only registered users editing rights and the student unipass system can be used control student registration. The software also maintains a complete history of all page changes, page views (analysed below) and popular pages.

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Other Applications

An equivalent Science (ANAT2341) undergraduate embryology course has been used online since 2009. Lecture material can be prepared and presented directly from an online page. Students can also print a simplified view for reference during the lecture and revision. Furthermore, students in this science course can also log-in and have prepared collaborative group projects as part of their final course assessment.

MedEd L&T Forum 2009 showing a student ILP educational project on Cardiac Embryology.

The statistical page view census date for the data shown below was 22 June 2010.


Foundations 2010 Page Views


Introduction to Human Development Page Views
Foundations Lecture 1295
Foundations Practical 747

BGD Cycle A



BGD Lecture page views
BGD Practical 3 page views
Development of the Embryo/Fetus Page Views
Lecture 1 5950
Lecture 2 3101

Practical 3 - Fertilization to Implantation

Fertilization to Implantation Page Views
Introduction 2268
Oogenesis and Ovulation 1635
Gametogenesis 1496
Fertilization 1029
Early Cell Division 1003
Week 1 1866
Implantation 1032
Week 2 1038
Extraembryonic Spaces 1181
Gastrulation 1046
Notochord 910
Week 3 1036
Quiz 617

Practical 6 - Implantation to 8 Weeks

BGD Practical 6 page views
Implantation to 8 Weeks Page Views
Introduction 2075
Week 3 2019
Week 4 1638
Week 5 1443
Week 6 882
Week 7 991
Week 8 1009
Quiz 500

Practical 12 - Fetal Development

BGD Practical 12 page views
Fetal Development Page Views
Introduction 1388
Embryo to Fetus 1981
Second Trimester 1309
Third Trimester 836
Birth 680
Neonatal 653
Abnormalities 669

BGD Phase 2

2010 BGD Tutorial

Applied Embryology and Teratology Page Views - 1,872

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