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===Jacobson's organ===
===Jacobson's organ===

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Jacobson's organ

(vomeronasal organ, VNO) A neural structure forming part of olfactory system that functions in the detection of pheromones. Named after Ludwig Lewin Jacobson (1783 – 1843) a Danish surgeon who identified it in 1813.
(More? Sensory - Smell Development)


ligand for the Notch cell surface receptor. Has an important role in blood vessel development. Signal activation leads to cleavage of the intracellular part of the Notch receptor from the membrane which translocates to the nucleus and activate s transcription factors.
(More? Blood Vessel Development | OMIM - Jagged1 | PMID 18245384)


acronym for "just another kinase" a kinase family involved in signal transduction.
(More? Molecular Development)


Yellow colouration of the skin caused by high levels of bilirubin in the body. Present to some extent in most newborns due mainly to the time taken for the newborn liver to develop and functionally process bilirubin. Jaundice can also occur with normally with breast feeding (breastfeeding jaundice) and abnormally as a sign of a range of newborn abnormalities (conditions increasing red blood cell number or interference with bilirubin processing/removal).
(More? Neonatal Development | Medline Plus - Newborn jaundice | Neonatal Jaundice, NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 98)


acronym for "Joints Abnormal With Splitting" a protein in mouse musculoskeletal development which coordinates cartilage formation and synovial joint positioning.
(More? Joint Development | Molecular Development)


(Latin, jejunus = empty of food) Gastrointestinal tract forming the second region (adult 1.4 m length) of the small intestine lying between the duodenum and the ileum. Originally named because it was found empty of any contents in cadavers.
Small intestine: duodenum - jejunum - ileum
(More? Intestine Development | Gastrointestinal Tract Development | Lecture - Gastrointestinal Development)

Joints Abnormal With Splitting

(JAWS) A protein identified in mouse musculoskeletal development, which coordinates cartilage formation and synovial joint positioning identified in digit formation.
(More? Mouse Development | Joint Development | Molecular Development)

Joubert syndrome

( JSRD) A rare autosomal recessive brain malformations. Magnetic resonance imaging has been recently used to detect posterior fossa signs and narrowing at the pontomesencephalic junction (isthmus) in diagnosing at-risk pregnancies.
(More? Neural System Development | PMID 19942698)

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