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Plate 01.

  • primitive oral cavity appears in median sagittal section
  • lower lip-groove is seen in sagittal section
  • hypophysis (Hyp.), alluded to above, consists of a distal spade-like portion, connected to the oral epithelium in the median line by a slender stalk with reduced lumen in median sagittal section.
  • tongue is a comparatively broad elevation of the floor of the pharynx, composed of a large cephalic part {t') intimately fused with a smaller caudo-lateral division {t"), the root. A surface view of the dorsum of the tongue would show the line of fusion of these two parts to be a V-shaped groove with the apex of the V pointing caudal The apex and right hmb of this groove, sulcus tenninalis, are represented, the apex marking the place of origin of the median thyreoid gland. Laterally the tongue is bounded by deep alveolo-lingual grooves which converge cephalad so as to separate its tip from the subjacent mandible.
  • thyreoid (Thyr.m.) median level of the slender connecting bar.
  • oesophagus only entodermal part of the tube.
  • Intestine, most of the small intestine and all of the large.
  • liver (Hepar) occupies the greater part of the cephalic and ventral regions of the abdominal cavity.
  • larynx and trachea entodermal lining in the median sagittal section, the anlage of the right lung is seen from the left side.
  • root of the left bronchus is shown in section.
  • Lungs, entodermal outpocketings of the right lung and its pulmonary vessels (A.pul. and Vp.pul.d.) are as seen through the mediastinum.

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Thyng FW. The anatomy of a 17.8 mm human embryo. (1914) Amer. J Anat. 17: 31-112.

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