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Harvard Embryological Collection Embryo 839 measured in formalin 17.8 mm, greatest length, with a neck breech of 16.7 mm. The greatest length in 80 per cent alcohol was 13.6 mm. In previous papers in which this embryo was referred to (Thyng '08, and Lewis and Thyng '08), the latter measurement was given.

The reconstructions upon which this work is based, were made from transverse sections of Embryo 839 of the Harvard Embryological Collection, chiefly by the modified graphic reconstruction method of His. The shading usually has been inferred from a study of the sections, but in a few instances wax models were made of regions requiring a fuller interpretation.

Links: 1914 Thyng Paper | Carnegie stage 19 Harvard Collection


Thyng, FW. The Anatomy of a 17.8 mm Human Embryo. (1914) Amer. J. Anat, 17, 31-112.

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