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Fig. 626. Median longitudinal section of the utero-vaginal canal at the level of the portio vaginalis uteri of a human embryo of 260 mm

(After Werth and Grusdew, from Felix-Buhler, Entwicklung der Geschlechtsorgane in Hertwig's Handbuch der Entwicklungsgeschichte, Vol. 3.)

The portio vaginalis is beginning to be defined and the supravaginal circular muscle is developed in it. Its lumen extends to its lower end, which is closed by an epithelial plug. The vagina is still altogether solid, but its future lumen is indicated by the solid epithelial cord that traverses it. From this cord there grow into the surrounding mesenchyme, forward and backward at different levels, two solid projections of epithelium, the anlagen of the fornix anterior and posterior.

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Felix W. The development of the urinogenital organs. In Keibel F. and Mall FP. Manual of Human Embryology II. (1912) J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia. pp 752-979.

XIX Development of the Urinogenital Organs: Excretory Glands and their Ducts | Reproductive Glands and their Duct | Urogenital Union | External Genitalia | Figures | Literature
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