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Respiratory Trachea - Layers

Mucosa - formed by epithelium and underlying lamina propria.

  • respiratory epithelium - (pseudostratified columnar and ciliated) ciliated cells, goblet cells, brush cells, endocrine cells, surfactant-producing cells (Clara cells), serous cells, basal cells, basement membrane.
  • lamina propria - loose connective tissue, many elastic fibres
  • elastic lamina - forming the border between the mucosa and submucosa is not visible in H&E stained slides.

Submucosa - connective tissue and submucosal glands

  • submucosal gland - serous (dark) and mucous (light) parts have different staining appearance.

Tracheal Cartilage

  • tracheal cartilage - hyaline cartilage, 16 to 20 C-shaped cartilages.
  • perichondrium - surface of cartilage.
  • trachealis muscle - (smooth muscle) Not visible in this section, together with connective tissue fibres, join ends of the cartilages together.

Hyaline Cartilage Development

  • forms from mesenchymal cells.
  • precursor cells become rounded and form densely packed cellular masses, chondrification centres.
  • chondroblasts - (cartilage-forming cells) begin secreting the extracellular matrix components of cartilage.
    • extracellular matrix - ground substance (hyaluronan, chondroitin sulfates and keratan sulfate) and tropocollagen (polymerises into fine collagen fibres, not visible).


  • appositional growth - mesenchymal cells surrounding the cartilage in the deep part of the perichondrium (or the chondrogenic layer) differentiate into chondroblasts. Appositional growth occurs also in mature cartilage.
  • Interstitial growth - small groups of chondroblasts (isogenous groups) in existing cartilage, can divide and become separated from each other by a thin partition of matrix. Interstitial growth occurs mainly in immature cartilage.

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