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Ovary - Corpus Luteum

Histology image shows the corpus luteum (CL, yellow body)

  • The ovulating follicle forms initially the corpus hemorrhagicum and then corpus luteum.
  • Corpus luteum (CL, yellow body) outer layer consisting of theca lutein cells and more centrally the granulosa lutein cells.
  • Corpus luteum core is initially filled with a blood clot, following ovulation, and is the invaded by connective tissue.

Theca lutein cells and granulosa lutein cells work together in the production of ovarian hormones that support the initial pregnancy. Lack of implantation and associated hCG will lead to this structure not producing hormones and forming the corpus albicans (white body).

Theca Lutein Cells

  • darker stained cells.
  • derived from the theca interna of the original follicle.
  • lack microvilli on the surface.
  • lack the aromatase enzyme.
  • produce androgens for the granulosa lutein cells to convert.

Granulosa Lutein Cells

  • lighter stained cells.
  • derived from the granulosa cells of the original follicle.
  • contain aromatase enzyme.
  • produce estrogen and progesterone from the androgens produced by the theca lutein cells.

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  Historic Papers: 1969 corpus luteum ultrastructure 1 | 1969 corpus luteum ultrastructure 2

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