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  Begin Basic     Primitive Heart Tube     Embryonic Heart Divisions     Vascular Heart Connections  

Cardiac Embryology     Begin Basic     Begin Intermediate     Begin Advanced  

Beginning the Basic Module

The heart is the first organ to form within the embryo and this complex developmental process begins during the fourth week. Heart developmental abnormalities affect 8-10 of every 1000 births in the United States. Hence in both embryological and clinical contexts it is important to consider heart development.

The basic section of this module on cardiac embryology is directed at high school students or students with minimal previous study of embryology. This unit takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The basic cardiac module introduces key concepts in cardiac development in only 3 pages.

  1. The Primitive Heart Tube
  2. Divisions of the Embryonic Heart
  3. Vascular Connections to the Embryonic Heart

These pages are also listed and linked in the green boxes at the top of each page. When you have completed the basic cardiac module you can complete the basic quiz to test your knowledge. For students who would like more detailed information regarding each step in the developmental process, links throughout the unit will direct you to the corresponding section in the intermediate level. Alternatively, after completing the basic module you can proceed to the next intermediate module and finally the advanced module.

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Cardiac Embryology     Begin Basic     Begin Intermediate     Begin Advanced  

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