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Neural Development Interactive Component

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Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Neural development and abnormalities from the lecture. Some questions may require some additional research.

1 The process called "apoptosis":

  is a pathological form of cell death
  results from acute cellular injury
  is characterised by cell swelling and lysis
  is involved in programmed cell death for normal tissue turnover
  all of the above are correct

2 Which of the following endocrine components originates from neural ectoderm?

  adrenal cortex

3 During early development, the neural tube is bent at three locations, and the pontine flexure is located in the:


4 Segmentation of the brain into functionally distinct domains is known as:

  primary neurulation
  secondary neurulation
  primary brain vesicles
  secondary brain vesicles

5 The central nervous system (CNS) cells that share lineage with monocytes are the:

  cerebral granular cells
  microglia cells
  oligodendroglia cells
  Schwann cells

6 Closure of the neural pores:

  begins at the 4th somite and then progresses rostrally and caudally
  is essential for further differentiation of the neural tube
  causes formation of brain vesicles
  is influenced by the notochord
  all of the above

7 The myelin sheath of a peripheral nerve fiber is formed by the cells that originate from:

  mesenchymal cells
  the neural crest
  primitive blood cells

8 Hydrocephaly results from:

  aqueduct stenosis
  choroidal plexus papilloma
  chronic meningitis
  subarachnoid hemorrhage

9 In spina bifida occulta:

  the vertebral arches in the affected area are underdeveloped but the defect is covered by the skin
  the neural groove fails to close
  a cyst, containing neural tissue, leptomeninges and glial tissue, appears
  only the meninges are present in the cyst
  all of the above are present

10 The a-fetoprotein levels in amniotic fluid are increased in:

  neural tube defects
  hydatidiform mole
  an omphalocele
  multiple pregnancies
  all of the above

11 Intrauterine rubella infection can result in:

  vascular thrombosis
  purulent meningitis

Additional Information:

Additional Information:

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