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Live Zebrafish Heart GFP labeled

Live wild-type 48-hpf embryo carrying Tg(cmlc2:egfp); expanded chamber stage, both chambers contract, Ventricle is to the left.

"Each expanded chamber ventricle (V) and atrium (A) assumes a bean-like morphology, featuring two distinctly curved surfaces: a greater, convex curvature called the outer curvature (OC) and a lesser, concave curvature called the inner curvature (IC)."

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Heidi J Auman, Hope Coleman, Heather E Riley, Felix Olale, Huai-Jen Tsai, Deborah Yelon Functional modulation of cardiac form through regionally confined cell shape changes. PLoS Biol.: 2007, 5(3);e53 PubMed 17311471


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