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Terminologia Embryologica (TE) A standardized list of terms/words used in the description of human embryonic and fetal structures. Produced by the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology on behalf of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists. A new second edition is in preparation for approval in 2019. The TE system replaces the earlier Nomina Embryologica.

"This terminology embraces prenatal ontology, beginning with the general, proceeding with the systems, including their dysmorphias, followed by a chronological section and ending, briefly, with some general terms for dysmorphias." (TE Users guide excerpt)

Terminologia Anatomica (TA) is a similar standard terminology for adult human anatomy, and contains terminology for about 7500 human gross (macroscopic) anatomical structures.

Terminologia Histologica (TH) is a similar standard terminology for cellular structures, tissue and organs at the microscopic level.[1][2]

Other suggested/recommended standardization of terms include:

  • human morphology[3]
  • Terminologia Neuroanatomica for the nervous system.[4]

See also the International Classification of Diseases  ICD-11.

Links: Embryonic Development | Fetal Development | File:Terminologia Embryologica User Guide.pdf

Classification System

Terminologia Embryologica from online document (2009)

e1.0: General terms

e2.0: Ontogeny

e3.0: Embryogeny

e4.0: General histology

e5.0: Bones; Skeletal system

e5.1: Joints; Articular system

e5.2: Muscles; Muscular system

e5.3: Face

e5.4: Alimentary system

e5.5: Respiratory system

e5.6: Urinary system

e5.7: Genital systems

e5.8: Coelom and septa

e5.9: Mesenchymal mesenteric masses

e5.10: Endocrine glands

e5.11: Cardiovascular system

e5.12: Lymphoid system

e5.13: Nervous system

e5.14: Central nervous system

e5.15: Peripheral nervous system

e5.16: Sense organs

e5.17: The integument

e6.0: Extraembryonic and fetal membranes

e7.0 Embryogenesis (-> 13 st)

e7.0 Embryogenesis (14 st ->)

e7.1 Fetogenesis

e7.2 Features of mature neonate

e8.0: Dysmorphia terms


Abbreviations for the Latin terminology used in this terminology:

  • A. = Arteria
  • Aa. = Arteriae
  • Lig.= Ligamentum
  • M. = Musculus
  • N. = Nervus
  • Nn. = Nervi
  • R.= Ramus
  • Rr.= Rami
  • V.= Vena
  • Vv.= Venae

Artery Arteries Ligament Muscle Nerve Nerves Branch Branches Vein Veins

Terminologia Histologica

Terminologia Histologica (TH) is a similar standard terminology for cellular structures, tissue and organs at the microscopic level.[1][2]


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