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Table 21 Classification Of Nerve Fibers of the Telencephalon and Diencephalon of 15 mm Cat Embryos According to Approximate Order of Appearance
Name of fibre group Abbreviations used in figs. 59-61 Size of smallest embryo (mm) in which it was found
Medial longitudinal fascicle m.l.f. 5.0
Supraoptic system: direct preoptic component so. po. 6.0
Supraoptic system: commissural component so. t. 7.0
Olfacto-hypothalamic fibers olhth. t. 7.0
Olfacto-subthalamic fibers olsth. t. 8.0
Strio-subthalamic fibers ssth. t. 8.0
Direct subthalamo-tegmental fibers (diffuse) 8.0
Crossed pretecto-tegmental and thalamo-tegmental fibers (ventral commissure) tho t. j tht. t. 8.0
Lemniscus system l. s. 8.0
Terminal nerve fibers 10.0
Posterior commissure fibers p. c. 10.0
Habenulo-peduncular fibers hp. t. 10.0
Lateral olfactory tract fibers l. ol. t. 11.5
Mammillo-tegmental tract fibers mt. f. 11.5
Optic nerve fibers II 11.5
Thalamo-strial and thalamo-cortical fibers ths. t. 11.5
Mammillo-thalamic fibers 13.5
Olfactory nerve fibers I 13.0