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Diagnostic Techniques Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Diagnostic Techniques  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Diagnostic Techniques from the practical.

1 Which of the following options would be the earliest invasive diagnostic technique carried out clinically:

  chorionic villus sampling
  none of the above

2 Which placental parameter is measured by ultrasound at the mid-portion from the chorionic plate to the basilar plate.

  placental diameter
  placental thickness
  placental volume
  placenta position

3 Doppler ultrasound of the placental cord can be used to mainly measure:

  placental cord diameter
  placental artery diameter
  placental vein diameter
  placenta position
  placental blood flow

4 The amniotic fluid volume increases as the embryo and fetus grows, with the rate of change varying during the pregnancy. When typically is the period of maximum weekly volume increase?

  up to 8 weeks
  8 to 13 weeks
  13 to 21 weeks
  21 to 33 weeks
  34 weeks
  40 weeks

5 Cord stem cells can be derived from which of the following tissues:

  placental cord blood
  placental cord connective tissue
  maternal placental tissue
  all of the above
  none of the above

6 Which of the following diagnostic techniques has in the past identified as having the higher risk for miscarriage?

  chorionic villus sampling
  fetal cells from maternal blood

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