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ANAT2341 Project Groups 2012 (--Mark Hill 13:40, 24 July 2012 (EST) These draft groups will be finalised after the course census date.)
Group 1

Z3370664 Z3330795 Z3373894 Z3254758

Group 2

Z3330539 Z3331951 Z3375390 Z3332863

Group 3

Z3289738 Z3332337 Z3377543 Z3378012

Group 4

Z3331264 Z3333038 Z3374215 Z3333427

Group 5

Z3374116 Z3331330 Z3374173 Z3221268

Group 6

Z3292017 Z3333429 Z3333794 Z3333431

Group 7

Z3333865 Z3220343 Z3330986 Z3376871 Z3352318